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CSA veggie pickup reminder

Posted 5/12/2011 5:57pm by Betsy Austin.

Hello everyone,
Well, what is Mother Nature going to throw at us next week?!! This past week started out glorious..we could not have asked for nicer weather on the weekend..sunny and warm..by Monday it was very windy..Tuesday the clouds had rolled in and by Wednesday we woke up to snow again!! I did get that nice overnight rain most of the night Tuesday but by 5 or 6 am Wed. it had turned to the wetest sloppiest snow you can imagine!!
Our workday Sunday was awesome..nice sunny, warm{but not too warm} weather..we got 3 more beds of potatoes planted..Rose Finn Apple, Ozette, Purple peruvian, Austrian Crescent, and All Blue all nicely spaced and tucked in under a layer of mulch!! {thanks to Mable, Janet, and Jon for all your hard work!! Janet helped make trenches and fertilized, Mable spaced all the potatoes in the trenches and Jon hauled several truck loads of leaves} Monday was too windy for doing much of anything outdoors so we spent much of the day in the prophouse fertilizing, labeling, and starting more plants..in the afternoon we worked in the high tunnel getting the drip flushed and fixing leaks and getting beds ready for cucumbers and peppers. Tuesday we planted the remaining bed of potatoes and while I weeded the favas Jon and Della worked on flushing and fixing leaks in the drip outdoors. Wednesday we chickened out..we were going to plant cucs and peppers, but..we slopped around in the snow knocking it off the shade cloth on the vegetable shed and off the fruit trees that have leafed out so they wouldn't break off under all the weight..then we holed up in the house and labled soap, read, knitted and watched it snow!! This morning we planted cucs, peppers, nasturtiums, New Zealand and Malabar spinach in the high tunnel..this afternoon we fastened the shade cloth back down, mixed up fertilizer, and got set for tommorrows harvest.

Note: This Sunday May 15th is a work day..it is supposed to be another glorious sunny day..project for the day will be covering beds and planting broccoli and cauliflower..and maybe some artichokes.. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!!

What is available for the CSA;
We still have some hail damage on crops from out doors..the sugar snaps that didn't get nipped last week are starting to set pods..looks like our first pea harvest of the season will be Monday!! the others are stating to recuperate and may be blooming again by next week. We should have a few more carrots..and possibly a few beets

note..not sure what to do with your veggies?? I have recipes for many of the crops we grow on the website..I try to add more as new and different things as they come into season. also, since we are getting a pretty large array of herbs and I can't remember half of them, Della is compiling a notebook with some growing information and uses..look for the blue notebook by the cut  herbs

from the high tunnel
salad greens
bok choi
beet greens
radishes {a medley of colors!!}
green garlic
carrots..just a few

NOTE: our spinach and salad greens are NOT ready to eat..we do chill them twice in a cool water bath but we recomend you wash them before eating. {you may be noticing what looks like little white hair in the salad greens..it is fibers off the floating row covers we use to protect them from the cold..usually we manage to find most of them  when we chill it but I noticed some that we missed yesterday when I made my salad for lunch.}

From outdoors
spring onions
green garlic

from Della's greenhouse
herbs..not sure just what this week

bedding plants
and herb plants..chives, sage, broadleaf thyme, camphor, licorice flag, peppermint, tarragon, and more!!
artichokes, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, and possibly more
just have a couple of tomato plants from the early planting left..will have more in a couple of weeks when they get a bit larger

Note; the tomatoes are doing so well with their jugs of water I would like to use them on the cucumber that are going in next week so Please bring more jugs!!

Thanks to everyone who is bringing us jugs and stuff for the compost bin!!

We still have shares available..our goal is 50-60 members..if we get this many I will not have to make the trip to market every week!!
We have a group in Telluride who needs another person to share pickup..also in Ouray..

Anyone who would like to car pool out to the farm, I will put a sheet out so you can share contact info

If you would like a tour of the farm, please let me know..I still plan on doing a tour one of these Saturdays..I think maybe sometime in May if the weather shapes up!!

Returning members will need to use this link;
circleagarden.com/members/returning   It should give you a place to type in your e-mail address {the one you used this season} It will send you an e-mail with a secure link that you can use to complete the signup process..{this verifies that you own the e-mail address}.. for those of you who are sharing..use the e-mail address of the primary user{should be whoever did the signup for this season}..If you have any problems please let me know..I did a test run and it looks like it all works, but..I am very new to all this and ....who knows when my little netherspere gremlin will pop up!!

New members will need to go to the website { www.circleagarden.com } and use the member signup. {not mailing list sign up!!}

Workdays for May with be Sundays..9:00-noon...project for Sunday May 15..planting broccoli and cauliflower.. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!!

I will have a sign up sheet up Saturday for workdays in May

Looking forward to seeing all of you Saturday

All of us at Circle A Garden