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CSA veggie pickup reminder

Posted 5/29/2014 7:36pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy almost summer!! {at least for this week!!}

Note: ninth veggie pickup of the season is this Saturday, May 31..9:00 am to noon. 29 more weeks of fresh awesome deliciousness !! shares will be prorated after June 1st. Please take a few minutes to sign up if you haven't already!!

Note: time for a payment if you haven't done it already!! Thanks!!

Overall the weather has been pretty good. Friday we got about 20 minutes of downpour with some hail mixed in..we're talkin' the heavens opened up and the rain came down in huge bucket fulls!! Saturday was pretty calm and sunny in the morning..by evening it had clouded over and was starting to rain a bit. I finally got that nice gentle overnight rain I've been asking for!! It rained..and soaked in..most of the night!! Sunday morning was still a bit rainy off and on, but by about 10 the sun was back. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were very sunny and warm..a few clouds that we kept trying to coax over to cover the sun a bit while we were working. They would wait until about 5 minutes after we were finished, then come in!! Today was a welcome relief from the sun..cloudy pretty much most of the day..still pretty warm though.Looks like we have a lot more sun in our forecast for the coming week..maybe a stray thunderstorm, but for now looks sunny and warm. I think we went from springtime in the Rockies to high summer in one short week!!

In the prop house..Getting emptier by the day..I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel!!{when everything is planted and all we have to do is weed,water, admire, harvest, and EAT!!}

In the tunnels..All the asian greens are gone..just have chard, kale, and collards left. This week we got the eggplant in. {Thanks Kat for your help!! Patrick, your peppers are lookin' great!! Starting to grow and a couple are wanting to bloom already. The favas seem to still be getting taller..we added another tie this week..they are over the top of their stakes now and we can see their pods sticking out from across the tunnel..some are about 4 or 5 inches long now. Got one tomatoe trellis down and part of the tomatoes tied up. That first black jasper is almost twice as big as he was last week!! and he has freinds!! another black jasper and a black cherry..both about the size of peas!!

Outdoors..Planting frenzy continues..the heat is on..we have 2 short weeks to get the rest of everything planted out !! Each day we get a little more in..we are having a rough time keeping up..what with planting, taking care of what is already in and harvesting each week for the CSA..seems every year about this time the faster we go, the behinder we get!! Harvested the first few kohlrabi this morning..by next week they should be booming. Looks like our first picking of peas will be Monday..there were a few pods ready this week, not enough for the CSA so we ate them right there in the field!! Cabbages are looking good and little heads are getting bigger. Lettuces are growing well..small but we may go ahead and harvest just a few for Saturday. Some of the asian greens did not far well with the hail so we will have to seek how they look next week..a few of them are already starting to bolt so we probably won't have as much of a variety of them. Potatoes are not up yet..they are starting to put out little shoots though. AND the rose is in full glory!! Take a few minutes SAturday to stop and smell the roses!!..just be careful not to sniff up a bee!!

Fun happening here at the farm!! Come join us on June 2nd for our annual soil talk with Dr. Ron Godin..Tri-river area agronomist.                                                              Ron is the soil scientist we work with on our fertility issues here at Circle A. He will give us an overview of what is soil.. basic soil 101..with an emphasis on working with our heavy clay high alkaline soils. Come learn about the foundation of your garden/farm/etc. and bring your questions!!                                                                Talk will start at 9:30 am with a potluck lunch and farm tour afterwards.

Updates on our little birdie friends. Coral is definatly setting now..and so are 2 others..all 3 seem to be sharing 2 nests and setting duties. Della moved a couple of tables over their nests for a bit of shade and protection from the weather since they still want their nests out in the hot sun, rain, hail, and whatever else we get!! 

Duckies are all doing well.. Well, Velvet seems to have gotten out of the mood for setting..but Titus is still hanging in there..with a bit of help? from 2 of the other khaki cambells..all three of them are sharing one nest. Della says that Kiera..the lap duck.. is now setting..has a big pile of leaves with a hole in the center all lined with down and filled with eggs.

 Baby chickies will be 12 weeks old on Monday..they are now living in the pen under the apricot tree..they are enjoying the extra space.  The new babies will be about  9 weeks old on Tuesday. 

note: we do have chicken and duck eggs for sale here at the farm..chicken eggs are $4.00 and Duck eggs are $6.00. Just give us a call..249-9725..to pick some

work days for May and will be every Sunday 9:00-noon. I can set up special days during the week for those folks that are unable to do Sat. Please let me know when you plan on being here.

Please help us if you can..our intern search is not going well..so far we have managed with the help of Transition Lab, good friends and Csa members..but it is May and time for planting frenzy!! Any help on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday would be greatly appreciated!! { I start about 6 and go until I just can't go any longer}

We need your help!! Our goal is to reach 50 memberships this season!! Please sign up if you haven't already!! {huge thanks and blessings to those folks that signed up early!!}. Please talk us up to friends, family, co-workers, etc. We can talk to folks, show them around, and tell them how we grow your food, but it is your enthusiasm that gets them hooked!! If you have folks that are interested, I can set up farm tours anytime now...just need to call first to set up a time. 

So..member sign up for returning members .please go to the website  www.circleagarden.com and sign up!! Look for the box on the left side of the page that says membership actions and click on sign up now!! it will take you to the sign up page. click on returning member..it will ask for your e-mail address and will send you a link to verify you are who you are. Then just follow the directions.

have a mini share looking for a share partner..let me know if you are interested and I will get you her contact info.

For New members..same instructions for returning members except click on new member and follow the directions. For more information about our CSA please read about it under the heading OUR PRODUCTS. If you have any questions or would like a farm tour please feel free to contact us. I can do farm tours anytime now.

What is available for the CSA?

This is my best guess of what we will be harvesting this week. 

NOTE:For food safety..our veggies are not ready to eat..we "chill" or hydro-cool them to get the field heat out but they are not washed!! Please wash them before you eat them!!

From the tunnel..lots of greens

Swiss chard



bok choi


salad greens

beta greens


salad turnips





From outdoors

overwintered onions and leeks

green garlic

kohlrabi..the first few


and more herbs

Fun happening.. Jen McGruther..one of your fellow CSA members has written a cookbook..Nourished Kitchen..it is awesome..great pictures..tasty recipes..I will try to remember to bring our copy out for you all to look at it!!

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!!

All of us at Circle A Garden