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CSA veggie pickup reminder

Posted 6/5/2014 7:25pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy June!!

Note: tenth veggie pickup of the season is this Saturday, June 7..9:00 am to noon. 27 more weeks of fresh awesome deliciousness !! shares will be prorated after June 1st. Please take a few minutes to sign up if you haven't already!!

Note: time for a payment if you haven't done it already!! Thanks!!

Can you believe it is June already?? Wow, time is marching on..rapidly!! I think summer is upon us..to me it seems like we went from spring to high summer is a matter of hours!! Our weather this week has been hot and dry. Highs in the mid-upper 80's..lows is the high 40's-low 50's. Tuesday was the only day we had many clouds at all..most of the week the sun has just been a beatin' down. Next week looks like more of the same only hotter..with highs in the 90's. At least we won't have much humidity..forecast is calling for 18-25%. {the high temps and the low humidity increases our fire danger..so be careful out there!!}

In the prop house..Just a few more odds and ends left..soon we will be closing the doors and the vents to let it solarize to kill off any pests and diseases we might have picked up during the spring.

In the tunnels..Favas are still getting taller..looks like we will be doing our first picking next week. I think the tomatoes have grown at least a foot since last week!! We have both trellises down now and are starting on our tomato wall. Peppers and eggplant are looking great. Pulled the trellis down for the cucumbers..we are seeing those first few little boy blossoms so it won't be long!! Got beds prepped for the okra and malabar spinach. Sweet potatoes are growing almost as fast as the bind weed..did you know they are related? I would't dislike the bind weed so much if it produced big fat tasty tubers in the fall!!

Outdoors..Planting frenzy continues..and the heat is on..literally!! we have 1 more short week to get the rest of everything planted out so that they will have time to mature before that first fall frost!! This week we got the rest of the brassicas, slicing cucs{still have picklers to go}, and most of the artichokes in. this next week we will be busy, busy,busy, prepping beds and planting beans, celeriac, tomats, peppers, tomatillas, winter and summer squash, melons and a few odd hold outs from earlier plantings{just have to see where we have more room!!}

Our pea picking adventure on Monday turned into a pea weeding adventure. We found maybe a double handful of them{and of course we ate them!!}. Today was much better..picked over 5 lbs..by Monday they should be booming for a couple of weeks!!                                               Monday was also our soil talk with Ron..we had quite a turnout of young farmers, interns, community members and a few of us older farmers as well. Ron's talk was very informative and the questions everyone had were awesome!! It was so inspiring to meet and talk with our next generation of young farmers and food growers!! {Della and I are the average age of small farmers so it is wonderful for us to see so many young folks interested in learning about growing food!!}

We have had many folks out to the farm the last few week to help us get our crops planted. Claire is back for another visit this year..she is a friend of Patrick.one of your fellow CSA members..we hope she enjoys spending her time here as much as  we enjoy having her!! We have also had the interns from Buckhorn Garden, Tomten Farm, and Transition Lab; also Geoff, Lisa, and Daniel; and a few of your fellow CSA members who have all come out to give us a hand. If you happen to see them out and about or at Farmers Market, please help us thank them for their hard work!!

Updates on our little birdie friends. Coral is definatly setting now..and so are 2 others..all 3 seem to be sharing 2 nests and setting duties. Della moved a couple of tables over their nests for a bit of shade and protection from the weather since they still want their nests out in the hot sun, rain, hail, and whatever else we get!! 

Duckies are all doing well.. Titus is still hanging in there..and she thinks that Quakers, one of the other khaki cambells is ready to set.  Kiera..the lap duck.. seems to be settling in for the duration

 Baby chickies will be 13 weeks old on Monday..they are now living in the pen under the apricot tree..they are enjoying the extra space.  The new babies will be about  10 weeks old on Tuesday. 

note: we do have chicken and duck eggs for sale here at the farm..chicken eggs are $4.00 and Duck eggs are $6.00. Just give us a call..249-9725..to pick some

work days for June will be every Sunday 9:00-noon. I can set up special days during the week for those folks that are unable to do Sat. Please let me know when you plan on being here.

Please help us if you can..our intern search is not going well..so far we have managed with the help of Transition Lab, good friends and Csa members..but it is May and time for planting frenzy!! Any help on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday would be greatly appreciated!! { I start about 6 and go until I just can't go any longer}

We need your help!! Our goal is to reach 50 memberships this season!! Please sign up if you haven't already!! {huge thanks and blessings to those folks that signed up early!!}. Please talk us up to friends, family, co-workers, etc. We can talk to folks, show them around, and tell them how we grow your food, but it is your enthusiasm that gets them hooked!! If you have folks that are interested, I can set up farm tours anytime now...just need to call first to set up a time. 

So..member sign up for returning members .please go to the website  www.circleagarden.com and sign up!! Look for the box on the left side of the page that says membership actions and click on sign up now!! it will take you to the sign up page. click on returning member..it will ask for your e-mail address and will send you a link to verify you are who you are. Then just follow the directions.

have a mini share looking for a share partner..let me know if you are interested and I will get you her contact info.

For New members..same instructions for returning members except click on new member and follow the directions. For more information about our CSA please read about it under the heading OUR PRODUCTS. If you have any questions or would like a farm tour please feel free to contact us. I can do farm tours anytime now.

What is available for the CSA?

This is my best guess of what we will be harvesting this week. 

NOTE:For food safety..our veggies are not ready to eat..we "chill" or hydro-cool them to get the field heat out but they are not washed!! Please wash them before you eat them!!

From the tunnel..lots of greens

Swiss chard



salad greens

beta greens


salad turnips..the last until the new planting is ready




From outdoors

overwintered shallots

green garlic

kohlrabi..a few more than last week

sugar snap peas..the first few pounds so please share..there will be more!!


radishes..probably just one more week until fall

and more herbs

Fun happening.. Jen McGruther..one of your fellow CSA members has written a cookbook..Nourished Kitchen..it is awesome..great pictures..tasty recipes..I will try to remember to bring our copy out for you all to look at it!!

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!!

All of us at Circle A Garden