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CSA veggie pickup reminder

Posted 8/14/2014 7:38pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy Monsoon!!

**Ela Fruit Share..yum!! Please check your name on the list as you pick up your fruit share!! If someone else is picking up for you please make sure they know to pick up your fruit!!

Where has the year gone?? We are having a hard time believing that it is mid August already!! A few drops of rain here and there this week until this morning..my nice gentle overnight rain started about 6:30 this morning..it rained nicely until almost 11:00..made harvesting a bit of an adventure!! Most of the week our highs ranged mid to high 80's..there were a couple of days that it seemed much hotter!! About 1/2 after we decided we couldn't bake in the hot sun any more and shaded up..well here came one of those happy little clouds!! We were way cool a couple nights this week..down to 48 degrees..okra and basil did NOT like it!!{difference in basil harvest this week was 7 lbs..last week 11 lbs!!} Forcast looks to be hot and dry most of next week..

In the tunnels..well,tomato season has begun!! low tunnel tomats have definitely kicked in this week..high tunnel tomats are getting there..and we picked the first few outdoor tomats this morning. harvests of everything except the okra are increasing quite a bit..We seeded 17 trays of greens for the high tunnel this week..mustards, bok choi, chard, kale, chinese cabbage, bitter greens and more!! A few of them are already coming up..it is so exciting!! They will be going into the high tunnel in September as the weather cools and we start taking out plantings of warm season goodies.

Outdoors..pretty much everything is growing well..including the weeds!! Each week we are harvesting more stuff from outdoors..I would say Peak Season is arriving!! Much of our week was spent harvesting..weeding{thanks Stephanie and Eli for coming out to give us a hand!!}..and prepping beds for fall roots{beets, carrots, turnips, radishes} and getting them seeded.

Fun Happening!!

Summer Plenty Farm to Table Dinner August 26  6-9 pm

Ouray Chamber Resort Association Fundraiser at the Bachelor Syracuse Mine                   1223 County Road 14 Ouray  Tickets are $75/person all inclusive RSVP 970-325-4746           This will be a lovely outdoor Farm to Table dinner with awesome views using locally grown and produced foods and spirits.                                                                                         Kat..one of your fellow CSA members and chef is creating a menu using local in season produce from local producers including Circle A Garden. 

Updates on our little birdie friends..Coral's babies were 7 weeks old on Monday. Mom's babies..are almost 7 weeks old today and tomorrow. They have been hanging out on the lawn..and have been so good..not trying to escape into the garden where there are many more things more interesting than grass to eat!!

The goose's name is Gonzo..last week he was hanging out on the lawn with the babies and going back to the front to sleep with the big geese..this week he has decided that the babies aren't so bad and has been sleeping with them. I guess maybe he's  thinking teenagers are better to hang with than squalling babies??

Duckies are all doing well..they really enjoyed the rains!! Kiera and Titus have been setting for about 3 weeks now..hanging in there!!

 Baby chickies will be 23 weeks old on Monday.. The new babies will be about  20 weeks old on Tuesday. They are very happy down in the chicken house.

note: we do have chicken and duck eggs for sale here at the farm..chicken eggs are $4.00 and Duck eggs are $6.00. Just give us a call..249-9725..to pick some

work days we can set up time for you to get your work commitment in during the week..Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday work best for us..anytime from 6am to noon. We will have Sunday workdays again in the fall after the frost.

We still have a few shares available..

What is available for the CSA?

This is my best guess of what we will be harvesting this week. The next couple of weeks the shares may be a bit light..we are transitioning from cool season crops to warm season goodies..we are getting a few more pounds of warm season delights each week but are not there yet!!

NOTE:For food safety..our veggies are not ready to eat..we "chill" or hydro-cool them to get the field heat out but they are not washed!! Please wash them before you eat them!!

From the tunnel

Swiss chard..LOTS!!





okra..just a tad

pepper and eggplant..a few more each week

malabar spinach


From outdoors






summer squash

basil..not as much as last week but a fair amount







and more herbs

Fun happening.. Jen McGruther..one of your fellow CSA members has written a cookbook..Nourished Kitchen..it is awesome..great pictures..tasty recipes..I will try to remember to bring our copy out for you all to look at it!!

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!!

All of us at Circle A Garden