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CSA veggie pickup reminder

Posted 10/3/2014 6:41pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy Fall!!

Note: fall is here and Saturday mornings are getting darker and colder!! Pickup time will be changing in 2 weeks. Starting October 18 the new time will be 11 am to 2 pm..please let everyone Know!!

**Ela Fruit Share..yum!! last week for Ela fruit share!!..Circle A veggie share goes until mid- Dec..please don't forget to mark your name off!!

Note: if you haven't made a payment recently..it's time!!

Well, this second week of fall was certainly MUCH different!! The storm started coming in Saturday night..did anyone see the lightening over the plateau around 9 or so?? What a show!! It rained much of the day Sunday..was cloudy and threatening rain a good bit of Monday{then if poured in the evening..Tuesday was sunny in the morning..rainy in the afternoon..Wednesday it mostly rained. Much cooler temps this week..Our high on Sunday was almost 60..almost 50 Monday-Wednesday..and up into the 60's yesterday and today. Our lows were anywhere from 42 down to 30 this morning. Got our first frosts of the season..32 Wednesday night and 30 last night. Looks like we are going to warm up just a bit this next week..highs in the 70's lows in the high 30's. After this last week we are eagerly looking forward to a nice LONG Indian summer!!

In the tunnels..sweet potatoes are "humping"!! {we can pull back the vines and see humps of sweet potatoes pushing up the soil}..all our new babies are very happy..may be able to harvest a few in the next week or two!! 

Outdoors..We chickened out on Monday and started our mad harvest of warm season goodies..green tomatoes and peppers are into storage so we will have them for a couple more weeks. We harvested what is probably the last of the cucs, summer squash, tomatillos, and green beans.{may have a final last hurrah on all the warm season stuff depending on what the weather does} We started harvest the winter squash..made a big pile down at the bottom and covered the rest of it..will be harvesting more and getting in moved up to the CSA are in the next week or so..some beautiful squash!! By Wednesday we were all harvested out and took a rain day..spent the time in the kitchen; preserving the harvest and making all sorts of goodies to eat!!

Updates on our little birdie friends..Coral's babies were 14 weeks old on Monday. Mom's babies..are almost 14 weeks old today and tomorrow. The big geese and the baby geese are now together again out in the far pasture..They are all enjoying any damaged melons that get thrown over the fence to them.

Duckies are about the only ones who completely and absolutely enjoyed all the rain!!  Kiera's baby..who's name is little squoosh.. will be 7 weeks old tomorrow..has been slowly growing feathers..looks like when he's done he is going to be a pretty brown.

 Baby chickies will be 30 weeks old on Monday.. The new babies will be about  27 weeks old on Tuesday. I think most of them are laying now..and the eggs are getting bigger.

note: we do have chicken and duck eggs for sale here at the farm..chicken eggs are $4.00 and Duck eggs are $6.00. Just give us a call..249-9725..to pick some

work days we can set up time for you to get your work commitment in during the week..Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday work best for us..anytime from 8 am to noon. We will have Sunday workdays again in the fall after the frost.

We still have a few shares available..

Exciting news!!! Colorado will have a labeling GMO initiative on the ballot in November..Proposition 105..PLEASE learn more about why labeling foods containing GMO's is so important..help get the word out..and PLEASE vote!!

What is available for the CSA?

This is my best guess of what we will be harvesting this week. Much of our warm season goodness is done for the season..you will be seeing lots of different cool season roots, shoots and tubers in the coming weeks!! Not sure what to do with your bounty?? Our website has a recipe section that I add to just about every week!!

NOTE:For food safety..our veggies are not ready to eat..we "chill" or hydro-cool them to get the field heat out but they are not washed!! Please wash them before you eat them!!

From the tunnel

Swiss chard







From outdoors







summer squash..the last little bit



cucumbers..probably the last

peppers..will have peppers from storage for a couple weeks

salad turnips


salad greens



leeks..the very first few of the fall season

Fun happening.. Jen McGruther..one of your fellow CSA members has written a cookbook..Nourished Kitchen..it is awesome..great pictures..tasty recipes..I will try to remember to bring our copy out for you all to look at it!!

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!!

All of us at Circle A Garden