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News and Views from Circle A Garden

Posted 3/2/2015 4:23pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy Winter at last!!

Well, my request for a nice gentle overnight rain resulted in a good 2 feet of snow overnight. We can't really complain..we needed the moisture..but we would have been happier if it had been spread out a bit back there in January!! It has been mostly cloudy all this last week with a few brief rays of sunshine..about an inch of additional snow Wednesday night and again on Saturday..some overnight rain last night. Temperatures haven't been too bad considering the lack of sunshine..up around 40 during the day and 20-30 at night. I think we reached almost 50 today. About 1/2 the snow has melted off already. We are looking forward to the sun maybe coming back by Wednesday. Overnight lows are supposed to be close to zero for a couple days after this storm clears, though.

Much of the early part of the week was spent moving snow around..needed to make paths for us humans as well as all our little birdie friends!! We got so much all at once that even the geese were getting stuck if they got off the path!! {the geese think it is great fun to "bathe" in the snow and make goose angels..that lasted until they got stuck in the snow!! Della was out rescuing them and getting them over to the low tunnel until we could get more spaces cleared for them to play} Our heartfelt thanks to our Jeff, Russel, and Chris for coming out and shoveling a ton of snow on Monday and Tuesday!! 

Except for shoveling snow our outdoor adventures have been put on hold. Been looking at the calendar and it is March already..we change to daylight savings time next weekend..the spring equinox is right around the corner and we have about 15 days for the snow to melt and the soil to dry just a bit so we can plant peas and favas out doors!! Not many signs of spring this week..Thursday morning during our brief bit of sun I was sitting out in front of the pot shed watching a pair of red wing blackbirds..the little boy was calling and strutting his stuff..the little girl was sitting there telling him all this snow was HIS fault!! AND Pumpkin {one of the geese} has a new girl friend!! he lost his mate last fall and is SO proud of himself!!

Things in the prop house are growing well..I am slowly starting to kick out the next succession of greens and some of the lettuces to the high tunnel..we started another succession of greens and lettuces, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant for the high tunnel. Artichokes, parsely, celery and some of the herbs are just about ready to prick up. This week we need to get the honey house set up so we can move all the alliums, greens, kohlrabi, and any other cool season stuff after it warms back up just a bit. 

The high tunnel is rapidly filling up..beets, turnips, and favas are starting to come up..carrots are always a bit slow. Transplanted the swiss chard, the first tray of lettuces, and more greens and seeded salad greens and radishes. We will be transplanting more greens and letttuces this week. Not sure anything grew much this week..everything is looking good but looking forward to some sunshine towards the end of the week!!

 We are about 5 weeks out from our first veggie pickup of the season. {first Saturday in April!!}. Time to sign up for another season of awesome fresh veggies!! We need 50 members this season!! We are not quite halfway to our goal this first week of March. THANK YOU to those of you who have been kind to your farmers and already signed up. Sorry to say but our veggies don't just happen..it takes about 10 weeks for those first spring greens and cool season roots to grow big enough to harvest.It helps so much with starting our successions of greens to know a head of time just how many folks we need to grow for.

  Please sign up and encourage friends, family, co-workers, etc to join us!! To sign up..just go to our website.. www.circleagarden.com  click on member signup and follow the directions. 

Not sure if our CSA is for you?  Have questions on how it works? Would you like to schedule a tour and talk to your farmer face to face? Please, don't hesitate to contact us through the website or by phone. {be aware that we are spending much of our daylight hours outdoors away from the phone..Please leave a message and we will be glad to get back to you in the evening!!}

Workdays for February and March..every Saturday 9:00 am to noon. If the weather is lousy we will work in the tunnels..if it continues like it has we will be outdoors enjoying the sunshine. Please let me know when you will be out!! These will be the only Sunday work days of the season. Can't come on Sunday, but have other days that work better for you?? We are very flexible, just call or shoot us an e-mail to set up an alternative time!

NOTE: chickens are starting to lay more again..we are getting an abundance..call 249-9725 to get some!!

Looking forward to growing for you!!

All of us at Circle A Garden