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News and Views from Circle A Garden

Posted 3/17/2015 5:45pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy almost spring!!

All that snow we got is pretty much gone now..it melted off very fast!! Now we are just waiting for the soil to dry out a bit before we start getting ready to plant outdoors!! Temperatures have been very mild..mostly high 60-low 70..except for the last 3 days when it was about 80. after about 4 very cold nights after it cleared from the snow storms {12 degrees} the lows have been about mid 30- low 40...not freezing at all. Looks like we might get some more moisture y the end of the week..do I dare ask for my nice gentle overnight rain, again?? but not until we can get the area for the peas tilled!!

Our outdoor adventures are just getting started!! Now that all that snow has melted off we are able to get out in the fields again and do a bit here and there. This week we were able to start getting the area for the alliums ready for all those little plants we have over in the honey house..they are almost ready to brave the great out of doors!! We tried to start getting the area for the peas tilled{its down in that section where we had to move everything}on Sunday but it is still just too wet..We did get a good start on getting the trellises back up..we are hoping that by the end of the weekend we can get it done..today is St. Patty's day..that magical day right close to the spring equinox when we have always planted our peas. All that snow slowed us down so peas will be going in just a bit late. We got the first 3rd of the rhubarb split and moved yesterday...after splitting the crowns and transplanting them it takes about 3 years for them to be back into production so we divided the patch into 3rds so we will have some rhubarb every year. Other fun things happening..well the apricots are blooming, dutch iris and crocus are blooming..a bazillion daffodils are barely making buds. And the geese are building nests and laying eggs in all sorts of unhandy spots!! Our thanks to our Jeff, Randy, and Rylan for coming out to help with the trellis..and thanks to our young farmer friends Laura, Mindy, and Alyssa for coming out to learn about rhubarb!! 

Did a major kickout in the prop house this last week. It looks a little empty right now..not to worry..I have peppers, eggplant, tomats, celery, and a tray of strange little herbie things to get pricked up..not to mention the broccoli, cauliflower, celeriac, cucs fro the high tunnel, more peppers and eggplant for outdoors, and something else that gets started this week. It won't take it long to fill back up again!! The honey house is just about overflowing now..almost time to kick some of my babies out to harden off before they get transplanted into the field!!

After this week there will be very little room left to plant anything in the high tunnel until we start harvesting..have more lettuces and a few more greens to transplant..another seeding of beta greens, salad greens, and radishes..then we will just be weeding, watering, and watching everything grow for a couple weeks..then we will be harvesting as well!! Everything is growing well..it is hard to tell yet just what will be ready to harvest in 3 weeks..at this point..mustards and asian greens, chives and oregano..definitely..kale, swiss chard, beta greens, salad greens, radishes and turnips.. probably..lettuces maybe..beets and carrots..not likely.But..like Colorado weather this could change drastically in the next 3 weeks!!

 We are about 3 weeks out from our first veggie pickup of the season. {April 4th!!

first Saturday in April!!}. Time to sign up for another season of awesome fresh veggies!! We need 50 members this season!! We are halfway to our goal this third week of March. 

  Please sign up and encourage friends, family, co-workers, etc to join us!! To sign up..just go to our website.. www.circleagarden.com  click on member signup and follow the directions. 

Folks in both Telluride and Crested Butte/Gunnison are looking for more folks for their pickup groups..let me know if you would like to connect with them.

Not sure if our CSA is for you?  Have questions on how it works? Would you like to schedule a tour and talk to your farmer face to face? Please, don't hesitate to contact us through the website or by phone. {be aware that we are spending much of our daylight hours outdoors away from the phone..Please leave a message and we will be glad to get back to you in the evening!!}

Updates on our little birdie friends...well, Della seems to think that Pumpkins mate IS Coral..her feet, bill and around her eyelids were a slightly different color from all the other geese when she hatched..but as she aged the color on her feet and bill changed..but Della says her eyelids are still more of a coral color. Regardless, both are happy as clams!! Miss Piggy{who turned out to be a male} has a new mate..last spring Babble was his mate but we definitely lost her..I think Kermit would be a good name..Della is not too sure about that!! Some of the other geese are mating up as well..I can't tell who is who most of the time..a grey goose looks pretty much like a grey gander to me..most of the time Della know who all her babies are!! About 5 of them are starting to make nests and lay eggs..in all sorts of unhandy spots..the front porch, the path out to the prop house, the doorway into the duck shed!! Little duckies are all doing fine..some of them are starting to lay..maybe more than we think..they probably have a nest out in the garden somewhere where we haven't found it yet!! The chicken are laying well now..we are getting anywhere from 12-18 eggs a day now.                  AND..Mom and Della have 12 new babies..this year they have a list of the birds and the breeds they want..new babies are almost 2 weeks old..growing like weeds..{but not anywhere near as fast as geese!!}Yesterday was their first high tunnel adventure..we have a new hatching of little tiny grasshoppers we are hoping they will help eradicate..Mom says they didn't find too many grasshoppers but had a ball chasing down ants and pill bugs!!

Fun happening we would like to get started here on the farm..a demonstration of how to use different veggies in the share. We are shooting for 3 Saturdays this season..early spring, peak season, and fall. If you have a favorite way to prepare your veggies that you wold like to share with everyone please let me know so we can get it all coordinated. Our THANKS to Kat and Stan for helping put this together!!

Workdays for March..every Saturday 9:00 am to noon. If the weather is lousy we will work in the tunnels..if it continues like it has we will be outdoors enjoying the sunshine. Please let me know when you will be out!! These will be the only Saturday work days of the season. Can't come on Saturday, but have other days that work better for you?? We are very flexible, just call or shoot us an e-mail to set up an alternative time!

NOTE: chickens are starting to lay more again..we are getting an abundance..call 249-9725 to get some!!

Looking forward to growing for you!!

All of us at Circle A Garden