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CSA veggie pickup reminder

Posted 4/17/2015 5:33pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy Springtime in the Rockies!!

Note: third veggie pickup of the 2015 season is tomorrow morning!!! April 18 th 9:00am to noon!!!

Not as much wind this week until Tuesday night..then it just really howled. Cooler much of the week..some nice sunshine with a few stray clouds early on..very cloudy with snow and rain yesterday and today..much colder..low Wednesday night was 25..our high today was about 42. Nice to have the moisture but we would still like those nice gentle overnight rains!!

Outdoor adventures really picked up early in the week. Peas are in..early kohlrabi and cabbages are transplanted AND we made great strides in putting the lower portion of the garden back together!! We had much help on Wednesday from Transition Lab, some of our work share folks and an amazing class of high school kids from Vermont. We had something like 17 folks here shoveling and moving soil..establishing beds and paths, filling in holes, and doing wonderous things to our "mess". Didn't quite get it all finished but it is starting to look like a garden again rather than a mud hole!! THANK YOU all so much for helping us out!!

Haven't had a chance to thoroughly assess any damage from the cold night Wednesday..Rhubarb was very frozen..as in the longer stems were solid. We didn't pick but a few pieces because those longer stems and leaves were protecting the younger shorter stems from the cold..hopefully it will be warmer again next week. There were many very sad looking blossoms on many of the apples, plums, and quinces this morning..it was a bit hard to tell just how much damage they may have gotten..the trees and branches were all covered in snow!! Very pretty, but probably wasn't too good for the fruit!!

Didn't get much of a chance to do a whole lot of prop house stuff this week..spent a little bit in there Sunday morning. Monday looks like it will be another marathon prop house day!!

The view in the high tunnel is starting to change..many of the greens in the first succession are coming out..a few more left to harvest next week..then that bed will be ready to replant..which is good 'cause the cucumbers are just about ready!! note: greens are not over yet..we still have 2 more successions to go!! Tomatoes will be going in soon as well..I held off on planting them this year..in past years I have aimed for getting them in about now..but the last couple of years April has turned so cold and nasty. So I will see if they are happier hanging out in the prop house for another week or two before I kick them out into the hard cruel world!!

Our thanks to Terry and our workshare folks for coming out to help this week!!

Time to sign up for another season of awesome fresh veggies!! We need 50 members this season!! We have 30 members this night before our second veggie pickup of the season. We will still be signing folks up until we are full!!

  Please sign up and encourage friends, family, co-workers, etc to join us!! To sign up..just go to our website.. www.circleagarden.com  click on member signup and follow the directions. 

Folks in both Telluride and Crested Butte/Gunnison are looking for more folks for their pickup groups..let me know if you would like to connect with them.

Not sure if our CSA is for you?  Have questions on how it works? Would you like to schedule a tour and talk to your farmer face to face? Please, don't hesitate to contact us through the website or by phone. {be aware that we are spending much of our daylight hours outdoors away from the phone..Please leave a message and we will be glad to get back to you in the evening!!}

Updates on our little birdie friends...

New little chickies are almost 7 weeks old now{this coming Wednesday}..They have been thoroughly enjoying the great out of doors. Not sure they really enjoyed the snow either!!

New duckies are a little over 3 weeks old..growing like weeds!! They didn't get as much high tunnel time the last couple of days..it was just too darn cold for them..they are just barely starting to grow feathers so don't have much except fluff to insulate them. 

One goose is definitely setting now..either Carrots or Little Miss..I think it's 2 days down and something like 26 to go!!

Fun happening we would like to get started here on the farm..a demonstration of how to use different veggies in the share. We are shooting for 3 Saturdays this season..early spring, peak season, and fall. If you have a favorite way to prepare your veggies that you wold like to share with everyone please let me know so we can get it all coordinated. Our THANKS to Kat and Stan for helping put this together!!

Workdays for April..every Sunday 9:00 am to noon.  Please let me know when you will be out!!  Can't come on Sunday? but have other days that work better for you?? Please talk to us about setting up and alternative time..Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday mornings work best for us. 

NOTE: chickens are starting to lay more again..we are getting an abundance..also have goose and duck eggs..and goose eggs for setting..call 249-9725 to get some!!


What is available for the CSA?

Note: not sure what to do with your produce..check out our website..  www.circleagarden.com I keep adding more recipes as new stuff is ready to harvest.

This usually my best guess on Thursday evening..it can change as we get to harvesting.

NOTE: Food Safety..we do NOT consider any of our produce ready to eat{not even the salad greens!!} We chill it in cool water to remove the field heat and get some of the soil off but must recommend that you WASH your produce before eating!!

From the high tunnel

Greens..mizuna, mibuna, mustards,  bok choi, yakina savoy, tokyo bekana, red rain, endive, a little more chard and kale, beet greens, fava greens

Salad greens

Beta greens

head lettuces

Radishes..many more this week

salad turnips..a bit small but greens are awesome!!

Herbs..oregano, chives, dill weed

From outdoors

Carrots..not too many..the very last from the winter..hopefully the high tunnel ones will be ready soon!!

green onions

Leeks..last of the wintered leeks

Rhubarb..none this week..got badly frozen!!


garlic chives

From storage





Looking forward to seeing you all again!!

All of us at Circle A Garden