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CSA veggie pickup reminder

Posted 5/29/2015 8:00pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy May!!

Note: ninth veggie pickup of the 2015 season is tomorrow morning!!! May 30th 9:00am to noon!!!

Another note: If you have not made a payment since April..now is the time!!

The weather for Saturday pickup was awesome..nice and sunny!! A little shower in the evening. The rain for Sunday held off until afternoon then the heavens opened up and poured off and on through Monday evening. The rest of the week wasn't too bad..sunny mornings with afternoon and evening thunder showers..is our "monsoon" season way early this year or what?? Did have a bit of hail Wednesday afternoon..hail is when farmers hearts stop and we see thousands of little lives pass before our eyes!! only had about 3 minutes of pea sized hail..Della and I were holding our breath and thinking good thoughts for the lettuces and other little plants..both those that we had just planted and those that will be ready for harvest next week. A few holes in a few of the broader leaves, but we were lucky..very little damage even in the lettuces that we plan on harvesting next week!! The forecast for the coming week looks dry and warm..we may even reach 80 degrees!!

Outdoors..Got more stuff planted and more beds ready to plant. Planted a few more lettuces{found another tray hiding out..kinda thought there should be more but figured my math was just off!!} and most of the celery and a few more onions. Seeded a little patch of parsnips..new variety we are trialing{will be seeding our main crop soon}, bulb fennel and since I had just enough space left in the bed one variety of carrots..the one that is supposed to be purple all the way through. So I have a whole bed left for the rest of the carrots..2 varieties of our little sweet ones, a round one, and a mixture of orange, yellow, white, and purple ones.

Note; we need your help!!!..workday Sunday, May 31..we are starting in the high tunnel at 6 am and shifting to outdoors as it heats up..we will be out there until noon..so please come join us!!! If you can't make it Sunday we also need help Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday..anytime between 6 am and noonish!!

Roses are still looking spectacular!! The hail and rain knocked a few petals off but more buds have opened since. Sooo..this may be the last Saturday to stop and smell the roses on your way to pick up your veggies!! Enjoy!!

The prop house is emptying out fast!! We were able to move a bunch more stuff out to the hardening off bench so they will be ready to plant in the next couple weeks. Spent a bit of time this morning with the basil..we pinch the tops back so they will branch out and get bushy..heaven..just needed a tomato or two to go with it!! Bonus..the CSA will get fresh basil in their herb share tomorrow!

In the tunnels..harvested the last of the chinese cabbage, lettuces, and a nice chunk of turnips to make way for warm season delights!! Got most of the sweet peppers in..have one more chunk of turnips for next week so I can finish filling that space. Sunday we will be planting hot peppers and getting beds ready..we are starting at 6 so we can get done in there before it gets too hot!! {then we will head on outdoors for more planting adventures!!} Monday I got the last tie up on the favas..some are getting taller than I am..we will have favas soon..found a few pods that were a bit bigger than my finger..not filled out yet but coming soon!! 

Thank you Gail for coming out to help with the peppers..instead of Patrick's perfect purple pepper we have Gail's gatherers gold!! It is a golden yellow frying pepper

Fun happening coming up in June..Farm to Fork Affair..6:00pm, Saturday June 13 at the Bistro 228 Main Street. Nick will be doing 3 courses featuring Happy Hogs pork, drink pairings from Big B's Hard Cider served with seasonal produce from Valley Food Producer Partners. This is a Benefit for Valley Food Partnership..Tickets are $65 and are available at The Bistro or at the Valley Food Partnership{970-249-0705} and I have a few as well and can get more if needed!! Please come, enjoy, and help support all the wonderful programs Valley Food Partnership is involved in!!

Time to sign up for another season of awesome fresh veggies!! We need 50 members this season!! We have 30 members at this point. We will still be signing folks up until we are full!!

  Please sign up and encourage friends, family, co-workers, etc to join us!! To sign up..just go to our website.. www.circleagarden.com  click on member signup and follow the directions. 

Folks in both Telluride and Crested Butte/Gunnison are looking for more folks for their pickup groups..let me know if you would like to connect with them.

Not sure if our CSA is for you?  Have questions on how it works? Would you like to schedule a tour and talk to your farmer face to face? Please, don't hesitate to contact us through the website or by phone. {be aware that we are spending much of our daylight hours outdoors away from the phone..Please leave a message and we will be glad to get back to you in the evening!!}

Updates on our little birdie friends...

Have new little chickies that just hatched Saturday and Sunday..so they are just about 3 weeks old..Mom has them all named..I just call them the motley crue. They are really getting motley..they are entering that awkward teenage phase!!

Old little chickies are almost 13 weeks old now{this coming Wednesday}..They look like little ladies..so pretty!!

New duckies are 9 weeks old now..We keep looking for at least one of them with a curl on his tail..that's one of the ways to tell the girls from the boys..at least in the duck world.

Little Miss did it!! Now have 7 or 8 little goslings that are 2 weeks old. They are getting bigger already..don't fit through the mesh on the fence..or at least they have not gone adventuring this week

We also have 12 guinea keets..forgot about them last week!! They are now 2 weeks old. Della has a broody hen who is raising them..she may even let them come out of their house tomorrow.

Fun happening we would like to get started here on the farm..a demonstration of how to use different veggies in the share. We are shooting for 3 Saturdays this season..early spring, peak season, and fall. If you have a favorite way to prepare your veggies that you wold like to share with everyone please let me know so we can get it all coordinated. Our THANKS to Kat and Stan for helping put this together!!

Workdays for May..every Sunday 9:00 am to noon.  Please let me know when you will be out!!  Can't come on Sunday? but have other days that work better for you?? Please talk to us about setting up and alternative time..Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday mornings work best for us. 

NOTE: chickens are starting to lay more again..we are getting an abundance..also have goose and duck eggs..and goose eggs for setting..call 249-9725 to get some!!


What is available for the CSA?

Note: not sure what to do with your produce..check out our website..  www.circleagarden.com I keep adding more recipes as new stuff is ready to harvest.

This usually my best guess on Thursday evening..it can change as we get to harvesting.

NOTE: Food Safety..we do NOT consider any of our produce ready to eat{not even the salad greens!!} We chill it in cool water to remove the field heat and get some of the soil off but must recommend that you WASH your produce before eating!!

From the high tunnel

Greens..  mustards,  bok choi,  endive, escarole, lots more chard and kale,  chinese cabbage, portuguese kale, gailon, texel greens, broccoli greens

Salad greens..no salad this week..oldest planting is gettin bitter and the new one just came up!!

beta greens

head lettuces

salad turnips..next week will be the last for a while


beets..also the first few..again please share!!

Herbs..oregano, from the prophouse..basil, marjoram, and summer savory

From outdoors

green garlic

green onions


herbs..angelica, dill, sage



Needed..more old carpet..if you are carpeting your home or office..please keep us in mind..we can use the old carpet..just the carpet though, NOT the padding!!

Looking forward to seeing you all again!!

All of us at Circle A Garden