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CSA veggie pickup reminder

Posted 7/3/2015 6:53pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy Summer everyone!!

Note: 14th veggie pickup of the 2015 season is tomorrow morning!!!  9:00am to noon!!!

Another note: If you have not made a payment since April..now is the time!!

Another hot one!! Not sure if we reached any record breaking temps on Monday or Tuesday, but here on the farm it seemed like record highs..whew was it hot!! Wednesday, Thursday, and today we had a bit of a break with a few clouds..still quite warm but, the sun was not quite so intense. Looks like we might get a bit of rain over the weekend..probably because half the folks I know are headed for the hills where it is cooler!! I need to start asking for my weekly overnight gentle rain..now that I am pretty sure we won't end up with 2 feet of snow!!

Outdoor adventures are moving right along..we are still way behind in planting but the end is getting nearer. This week we mostly worked on getting beds ready for melons and winter squash and got most of the melons in this morning. We have also been working on weeding potatoes, carrots, fennel, and edamame. Peas are done for the season.. a few questions came up about why pea season was so short..well, for one peas do not tolerate the heat well..when the temps get above about 80-85 they quit blooming..no blooms, no peas!! In addition the peas went in late this year..the area we needed to plant them is the area where the leach field went in..heavy backhoe.. digging huge trenches..messing up the soil structure and soil food web..so we are basically starting over to build our soil back up to where it was..so we needed to start out with tilling it..that took a good 6 weeks..the soil would get just about dry enough to till and it would either snow or rain. Note: we can't work our heavy clay soils if it is too wet..it just clumps up and makes bricks and hardpan. So the peas went in about 3 weeks later than we would have liked..then of course we are dealing with new soil in that area so our yields were not up to par with some of our other areas. We could have put the peas in another area but, we need to rotate our crops and the peas would not fit into the rotations in the other areas. Anyway I hope that answers a few question..if you have more please ask!!

Other things happening in the great out doors..we will have LOTS of lettuce this week..the heat has pushed our last succession of lettuce so that the most of it needed harvested all at once instead of over 2-3 weeks. When we do successions of lettuce we have anywhere up to 8 varieties that mature at different times, but lettuce is also another one of those crops that do not tolerate the heat well..they think their main purpose in life is to make seed..when the temperature starts soaring, they try to hurry up and bloom. We think lettuces main purpose is to feed us so we want to harvest it before it starts wanting to bloom. Garlic is almost ready to harvest..I think the first variety will come out by the end of the week!! The tomats are growing rapidly and are just about ready to start trellising. The summer squash is starting to really take off..we will be checking it next week to see if it is ready to start harvesting. The basil is almost 3 times the size it was when we transplanted it 2 weeks ago..harvested just a sample of things to come for the pickup tomorrow. The sweet onions are starting to bulb..looks like we may have a few to harvest in the next week or two.


Thank you Bettye for coming out and helping us with our planting adventures!! As well as Terry, Mikal, and Cerra for harvest day..you all rock!!

Note; we desperately need your help!!!..We are a still a good 3 weeks behind in our planting..and rapidly losing that window of time for crops to ripen before that first fall frost!! We can use extra help Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!! I am heading out to the fields about 5:30 am while it is still a nice cool 50 degrees. Please come join me!! {you can come later but the best part of the day is at the crack of dawn..the sky is just lightening up,,the birds are waking up and starting their morning songs..the sunrise is pretty awesome!!}

In the tunnels..This may be the last week for favas..there may be a few next week but they are just about done..another of those cool season crops that don't tolerate the heat as well!! We worked on trellising cucumbers and tomatoes..the fava wall is coming down..the tomato and cuc walls are going up!! We harvested the first 5 lbs of cucs this morning..many more in the weeks to come..they LOVE the heat!! Peppers are growing rapidly..plants as well as fruit..shouldn't be too long before peppers!! Have one tomato just barely showing color..also found one tomato hornworm in the high tunnel and 23 of the buggers in the low tunnel..they were not even an inch long yet..any we missed will be much bigger when we check them again..they grow even faster than the goslings!! Almost done harvesting carrots..have maybe one more week left..will have a short break in carrots..the new plantings outdoors should be ready by the end of July or so.

Time to sign up for another season of awesome fresh veggies!! We need 50 members this season!! We have 34 members at this point. We will still be signing folks up until we are full!!

  Please sign up and encourage friends, family, co-workers, etc to join us!! To sign up..just go to our website.. www.circleagarden.com  click on member signup and follow the directions. 

Folks in both Telluride and Crested Butte/Gunnison are looking for more folks for their pickup groups..let me know if you would like to connect with them.

Not sure if our CSA is for you?  Have questions on how it works? Would you like to schedule a tour and talk to your farmer face to face? Please, don't hesitate to contact us through the website or by phone. {be aware that we are spending much of our daylight hours outdoors away from the phone..Please leave a message and we will be glad to get back to you in the evening!!}

Updates on our little birdie friends...

 new little chickies  are just about 8 weeks old..They are in with the older girls now and liking the extra room.

Old little chickies are almost 18 weeks old now{this coming Wednesday}..And just about old enough to join the rest of the chickens down in the chicken coop.

New duckies are 14 weeks old now..looks like we have 3 girls and 5 boys!! The runoff irrigation from our neighbors hay field was watering our lawn this week..the duckies were SO happy.

Little Miss did it!! Now have 7 or 8 little goslings that are 7 weeks old. They are almost as big as their parents..not too many feathers yet..mostly just fluff..now that they are pretty good size they will be starting the feather thing,

Fun happening we would like to get started here on the farm..a demonstration of how to use different veggies in the share. We are shooting for 3 Saturdays this season..early spring, peak season, and fall. If you have a favorite way to prepare your veggies that you wold like to share with everyone please let me know so we can get it all coordinated. Our THANKS to Kat and Stan for helping put this together!!

Workdays for July, August, Sept..weekdays Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. 9 am-noon unless you would like to come earlier to beat the heat!!

NOTE: chickens are starting to lay more again..we are getting an abundance..also have  duck eggs..call 249-9725 to get some!!


What is available for the CSA?

Note: not sure what to do with your produce..check out our website..  www.circleagarden.com I keep adding more recipes as new stuff is ready to harvest.

This usually my best guess on Thursday evening..it can change as we get to harvesting.

NOTE: Food Safety..we do NOT consider any of our produce ready to eat{not even the salad greens!!} We chill it in cool water to remove the field heat and get some of the soil off but must recommend that you WASH your produce before eating!!

From the high tunnel

Greens..  chard {LOTS more chard!!}, kale, 



fava beans..one more week or so on favas


From outdoors

garlic scapes..last of the scapes this week

garlic..first "real" garlic of the season!!



head lettuces.LOTS of lettuce..next week wiil be the last little bit

peas..both sugar snap and english..last little bit..please share

portuguese kale and collards

salad greens

herbs.. parsely, basil..and more


Needed..more old carpet..if you are carpeting your home or office..please keep us in mind..we can use the old carpet..just the carpet though, NOT the padding!!

Looking forward to seeing you all again!!

All of us at Circle A Garden