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CSA veggie pickup reminder

Posted 4/13/2017 7:14pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy Springtime in the Rockies!!!

Second veggies pickup of the 2017 season is this coming Saturday..April 15th..9:00 am to noon!! 

Tomorrow is the second harvest of the season..We are slowly getting back into the swing of things!!..It is amazing how many tiny details we forget over the winter!! The weather for our first veggie pickup last week was much better than we anticipated..a bit cloudy but no rain or snow..quite a bit of wind late in the morning and into the evening. Sunday and Monday were a mix of sun and clouds..and three whole drops of rain!! Cold..down into the low 20's Sunday night..into the low 30's Monday night. The rest of the week has been fairly sunny..lots of haze though..highs in the 70's..lows in the 40's. Next week looks like it will bee off and on again clouds..a very slight chance of rain and a couple of chillier nights.

Spring continues..several of the early apples are blooming..they may have gotten a bit nipped Sunday night..red pear is blooming..and you know those plums that snuck up on us?..well, I think it was only the south side of them that bloomed..they are really blooming now. Peas are just a hair bit bigger this week. Beets got hit hard the other night..they look very sad. A bit of the lovage and a few stalks of the rhubarb got frozen. Garlic is really coming up now. You should hear the frogs singin' down in the pond!!

The high tunnel is just going nuts!! You can just barely tell where we harvested last week!! Started getting the beds in the low tunnel ready for tomatoes and sweet potatoes.

This was the week of moving a gazillion flats of transplants!! Monday was the day!! I started early in the honey house giving haircuts to the alliums and herbs and fertilizing everything..giving them all a pep talk before they went out on the hardening off bench. Terry and Rylan started moving peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants out to the prop house and we got them all fertilized..they appreciated the move very much..I think they have just about doubled in size already. When Evan got here he helped move all the honey house babies out so that we could move more flats in..at this point the "prop" house off the house is almost empty but I am rapidly starting to fill it back up. Thank you everyone!!

Outdoor adventures this week were mostly about watering things that the wind dried out Saturday and getting started on the black raspberry patch. Well and watching the birds do their thing and watching and listening to all the pollinators going nuts in the fruit trees!!

If you haven't checked out the website or our facebook group, please do..it is so cool!! We would like feedback as well!!  www.circleagarden.com  there is a link to facebook on the homepage.   

I am in search of interns, a couple more work share folks, and volunteers for the coming season..if you know anyone who might be interested please have them call me{970-249-9725..ask for Betsy}

We are 0 weeks out from that first veggie pickup!!  Our CSA is not full yet so if you are still interested in fresh veggies we are still taking signups.  Please take a few minutes to go to the website to sign up for another season of amazing goodies!! Please go to www.circleagarden.com 

What is available for the CSA this week?

This is my best guess on Thursday evening..sometimes we can't really tell just how ready a crop is for harvest until we get in there to harvest it..

Food safety reminder!! Please remember that none of are veggies are considered ready to eat..We chill them to get the feild heat out and remove a bit of soil. Please wash your veggies before you eat them!!

From the high tunnel

Swiss chard, kale, fava greens, bok choi, yakina savoy, tokyo bekana, mustards

beta greens, lettuces, baby pak choi, radishes, herbs and maybe some turnips

From the great out of doors

green onion, leeks, burdock root{gobo}, rhubarb, horseradish, lovage

NOTE: we have a line on a local source for eggs..one of our CSA member's dad raises chickens just down the road..hopefully I will have more details about how they are raised..need to know how many folks are interested and how many you can use in a week.

Hope you are all enjoying this spring weather as much as we are!!

Looking forward to seeing all of you on Saturday!!

Betsy, Terry, Jeanne, and all of us here at Circle A