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CSA veggie pickup reminder

Posted 4/20/2017 7:53pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy Earthday!!!

Third veggie pickup of the 2017 season is this coming Saturday..April 22nd..9:00 am to noon!! 

tomorrow is the third harvest of the season..we will see if we are back in the swing of things!! The weather last Saturday was nice and pleasant..a bit cool in the shade but nice out in the sun. It was nice and sunny and quite warm this week up until yesterday..was quite cloudy off and on with a pretty sharp breeze..this morning it was quite crisp..we had a bit of a freeze. We had run the sprinkler overnight in the black raspberry patch..this morning it was so pretty in the early morning sun..water was all frosty and frozen!! It has been cloudy with a definite chill to the wind most of the day..looks like we will get a slight freeze tomorrow night. Next week looks to be quite sunny and warm up until about Thursday or Friday..looks like we may be harvesting in the rain!! And boy do we need the rain..it is quite dry. Saw the first red flag warning for the season today..it is for the Paradox valley...seems way early to be worried about wildfires!!

Spring continues..More apples are blooming..pears and plums seem to be about finished..currant are blooming their heads off..currant blossoms are not real showy but are pretty in their own way. Wish flowers{what my great niece calls dandelions are blooming and adding some vibrant yellow to the landscape..they are also an early season food source for our beneficials and pollinators. Blackberries are just starting to leaf out..they got just a bit nipped last week. This Saturday is earth day..please plant a plant for our hardworking pollinators{honeybees, bumblebee, a number of different species of native bees and more!!}..they need all the help they can get!! FYI without our various pollinators to pollinate our plants we would not have a whole lot to eat!!

Rhubarb is going nuts!! This week can we everyone share their favorite things to do with Rhubarb with the face book group????

The high tunnel is just going nuts!! You can just barely tell where we harvested last week!! Started getting the beds in the low tunnel ready for tomatoes and sweet potatoes.

This week was all about outdoor adventures..pruning a few more black raspberries..I'll sure be happy when we get them done..they are vicious!! We also worked on getting a few beds ready to plant..and Tuesday and Wednesday we planted cabbages and kohlrabi..just in time for it to get cold last night..other than a bit wind whipped so far they look just fine!! Evan{one of our work share folks} has also been working on getting the drip ready to go and repairing some trellises. And all those plants we moved last week..well most of them are looking great..peppers are hesitant about getting going in their new space but everything else seemes very happy!! And I am working on filling all the space we made..so far I have managed to turn three seedling flats into about 10 flats of transplants!! I also seeded flats of calendula, nasturtium, malabar spinach, and okra.

If you haven't checked out the website or our facebook group, please do..it is so cool!! We would like feedback as well!!  www.circleagarden.com  there is a link to facebook on the homepage.   

I am in search of interns, a couple more work share folks, and volunteers for the coming season..if you know anyone who might be interested please have them call me{970-249-9725..ask for Betsy}

We are 0 weeks out from that first veggie pickup!!  Our CSA is not full yet so if you are still interested in fresh veggies we are still taking signups.  Please take a few minutes to go to the website to sign up for another season of amazing goodies!! Please go to www.circleagarden.com 

What is available for the CSA this week?

This is my best guess on Thursday evening..sometimes we can't really tell just how ready a crop is for harvest until we get in there to harvest it..

Food safety reminder!! Please remember that none of are veggies are considered ready to eat..We chill them to get the feild heat out and remove a bit of soil. Please wash your veggies before you eat them!!

From the high tunnel

Swiss chard, kale, fava greens, bok choi, yakina savoy, tokyo bekana, mustards, endive, escarole

salad greens, arugula,  radishes, turnips, and herbs 

From the great out of doors

green onion, leeks, burdock root{gobo}, rhubarb, horseradish, lovage, angelica

NOTE: we have a line on a local source for eggs..one of our CSA member's dad raises chickens just down the road..have more info this week..The grower is Don Arnold at lower 48 farm..just over on Kinikin Road. They are free range and supplement their all natural feed ration with a goodly variety of bugs and weeds. We will have a few here at the farm for Saturday pickup.

Hope you are all enjoying this spring weather as much as we are!!

Looking forward to seeing all of you on Saturday!!

Betsy, Terry, Jeanne, and all of us here at Circle A