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CSA veggie pickup reminder

Posted 6/9/2017 7:37pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy Dad's Day!!!

The tenth veggie pickup of the 2017 season is this coming Saturday..June 10th..9:00 am to noon!! 

I think summer hit us with a vengeance this week!! Boy, has it been hot and dry!! Mostly high 80's-90's during the day and high 50's at night..LOTS of bright relentless sun. We did have a few afternoon clouds roll in earlier in the week..with a nice refreshing light breeze. No rain here at the farm..ok so we got about 10 drops. Today we had a lot of hot gusty wind to add to our miseries..it blew up lots of dust..we have a bit of a brown cloud overhead..Grand Mesa is gone and Buckhorn Mountain is disappearing. There are 5 or 6 fire zones in Western Colorado and a couple in Eastern Utah with red flag warnings out for the weekend. Continued wind and low humidity{I think it said something like 7-15%} is making those areas worrisome. The good news..looks like we may get a bit of a break from the heat about mid week..highs in the 70's..lows in the 40's for a day or two..then right back up to 90 by the weekend. Doesn't look like we will get much moisture though.

Soil talk with Ron was awesome!! We had about 20 folks. I think Ron and I were the only ones who have lived in this area more than just a few years. We had a couple of young farmers, a few new farmers, folks growing their own gardens, and a couple of folks brand new to the area..So we had a lot of great questions about our soils and growing in our region. Hopefully everyone was able to take at least one idea home with them to implement in their own garden space.

Food for thought.. I am going to get on my soapbox and give you a farmers viewpoint on the importance of food..and would like you to share your view point from a consumers point of food{unless of course you are one of our young farmer friends..we would like your input as a young farmer} From where I sit here on the farm, food is one of the four things required to sustain our lives..with out them we will die. {Fresh air, clean water, and shelter would be the other three} Fresh, nutrient dense food is not only a delight and taste treat to eat..but sustains our life.  When I hear someone complaining about how much food costs, I wonder if folks really get just how important food is to our very survival!! Simply put some things we spend money on we Need to survive..if we don't have them we will die!! Other things we want..life might be less convenient or not as fun if we don't have them but we will still be among the living. SOOOO...how much is it worth to you to eat fresh, nutrient dense food that will keep you healthy and fit?? Is it worth more to you than your cell phone?? Your television with a gazillion channels??..a brand new car??..another pair of shoes?? Let us hear from you!! 

In the high tunnel this week we got more peppers planted and picked the first little batch of fava beans. We harvested the last of the lettuce and salad greens this morning..now we have a bit more room for the rest of the peppers, okra, and a few herbs. Tomatoes are blooming nicely..many of the cucmbers are also blooming well..won't be long!!

Outdoor adventures this week..Well, we got more beds ready to plant..planted artichokes and the last 2,000 or so alliums, got some weeding done and harvested the first little batches of peas and kohlrabi. Thank you Dee for coming out and weeding the pea patch..it made harvesting peas much easier!!

If you haven't checked out the website or our facebook group, please do..it is so cool!! We would like feedback as well!!  www.circleagarden.com  there is a link to facebook on the homepage.   

More news this week..Terry and Rylan's babies are now about 3 weeks old..maybe only 2..boy I sure can't remember!!! Anyway they are growing like weeds and are starting to come out of the house with their mommy. Favorite snack..seems to be lettuce and all the lettucey weeds like prickly lettuce..they just about inhale them!!

Intern update..they may be ready to head out here to Colorado in about 2 weeks!!

we are still asking for help from you, our CSA members!! I will be hitting the fields about 6:30 or so{earlier if it heats up} Sunday through Thursday, weeding, prepping beds, planting, and more!! Please, Please come and give us a hand!! Please call me {970-249-9725..ask for Betsy} to let me know when you can make it so I can plan my days..Thanks!!

We are 10 weeks into the season!!  Our CSA is not full yet so if you are still interested in fresh veggies we are still taking signups.  Please take a few minutes to go to the website to sign up for another season of amazing goodies!! Shares will be prorated after June 1st. Please go to www.circleagarden.com

What is available for the CSA this week?

Note:..we have many recipes on the website to give you ideas about how to use some of our many veggies!!

This is my best guess on Thursday evening..sometimes we can't really tell just how ready a crop is for harvest until we get in there to harvest it..

Food safety reminder!! Please remember that none of are veggies are considered ready to eat..We chill them to get the feild heat out and remove a bit of soil. Please wash your veggies before you eat them!!

We are starting to transition from greens and goodies in the high tunnel to new spring plantings from outside..ideally as those greens in the high tunnel are through the first of the outdoor goodies are ready to harvest..unfortunately the greens are done, but peas,kohlrabi and cabbages are not quite ready..coming soon though!!

From the high tunnel

Swiss chard, kale, last of the lettuces

salad greens, beets, little bit bigger carrots, fava beans

From the great out of doors

 fava greens, herbs, sugar snap peas, kohlrabi

Note!! This is the first week for fava beans, peas, and kohlrabi so we have limited quantities..Please share!! there will be many more coming in the next couple weeks!!!

NOTE: we have a line on a local source for eggs..one of our CSA member's dad raises chickens just down the road..have more info this week..The grower is Don Arnold at lower 48 farm..just over on Kinikin Road. They are free range and supplement their all natural feed ration with a goodly variety of bugs and weeds. We will have a few here at the farm for Saturday pickup.

Hope you are all enjoying this summer weather!!

Looking forward to seeing all of you on Saturday!!

Betsy, Terry, Jeanne, and all of us here at Circle A