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Posted 1/4/2018 4:20pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy New Season!!

Seems a bit strange for it to be the beginning of a new season already..not just sure what happened to 2017.. it went by so fast!!! Maybe I am just a bit confused because it was over 50 degrees last week and we still have no snow..had maybe 2 inches back on winter solstice but it is now all gone. We haven't had much moisture since the day way back in October when we harvested the last of the peppers out of the high tunnel and the last of the celery out in the field! Our mountains that are usually pretty white by now are VERY brown..I'm not sure how much snow pack we have now but it ain't much. I am starting to get seriously worried again about the lack of moisture..if we don't get some soon here on the farm we are going to have to figure out a way to water all our perennials and the garlic. On a much broader out look if our mountains don't get some good snow pack a lot of folks are going to be hurting for water again this summer..Not only do our rivers water our whole valley, but they flow into the Colorado River and water places as far away as California. Soooo..anybody ready to do a rain dance?? 

Hope everyone is enjoying the winter {?} season..Ours has been delightful!! I have been catching up on my reading and sleep..in between looking at seed catalogs, dreaming about what to plant for the new season, cleaning seeds, adding up harvest totals, visiting with friends and family, and doing some more reading and sleeping!!

The garden produced pretty well this past season, despite the weird weather..our winter moisture came mostly between the end of January and early May..about the time we were getting all excited about planting!! A cold spell at the end of April got most of the fruit..what fruit made it was wiped out during the wet, heavy snow we had AFTER Mothers Day in May. We went from snow to 90 degrees in about a week in early June. June and July were just hot..mostly in the high 90's. Our monsoon was a blessing, but didn't seem as wet as we normally are..lots of spectacular thunder and lightning storms but some of them seemed like they were all noise and light but not so much rain. Had more of those cool nights below 50 degrees again in August. Our fall was never ending..mostly warm without much moisture..did not seem like fall at all..some days were down right hot!! Harvesting fall roots was very enjoyable..I don't think we had to harvest anything in the snow!! And many days the last couple of months have still been like Indian summer. Some nights have been pretty cold..last night I think we were down to 5..but right now the sky is blue, the sun is shining, and it is just about 50 degrees out!!

I have gotten all the harvest numbers added up.. we harvested almost 9.000 pounds of produce for the CSA. Here are a few numbers that stood out..over 1600 bunches of greens..that something like over 500 pounds!!: over 1000 pounds of tomatoes:almost 800 pound of cucumbers; over 500 pounds of peppers and the one I was most surprised to see over 300 pounds of crisp, succulent celery. This year we grew over 85 different types of veggies, herbs, and fruit..15 different kinds of greens, 47 different kinds of veggies and almost 2 dozen different herbs..and 2 or 3 kinds of fruit if I count blackberries and raspberries as separate fruits. And I am not sure how many varieties we grew..some things like celery we grow only one variety while others like tomatoes we grow closer to 30 or 40 varieties. Not sure just yet what all we will be growing this year..many of the tried and true favorites, but are already looking at a few new surprises.

i would like to thank all of the folks that help make this farm keep on going..our CSA members who support us from one season to the next by eating lots of fresh and sometimes unusual and sometimes just downright weird veggies..some of you have been with us from day one!! Our work share folks who help us  each week in every weather...rain, snow, hail, sleet, blazing sun.. our interns who are with us everyday, our visitors and volunteers, all my young farmer friends ...and last but definitely not least my family who not only have to put up with the weather but have to put up with me. I am truly blessed!! Without you all we wouldn't be able to keep on a growin'.

Food for thought.. Question of the week..sooo..what can each of you do to help conserve water?? 

What's coming up in the new season?? well, I want to start the first few seeds this next week, need to get beds ready in the tunnels, finish the seed orders and the garden plan, get the website ready for member signup, and more!! Please think about coming out and joining us for the beginning of our spring adventures..give me a call 970-249-9725 to set up a day and time!!

Hope you are all enjoying winter{??}!!

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon

Betsy, Terry, Jeanne, and all of us here at Circle A