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CSA Veggie Pickup Reminder

Posted 4/12/2018 7:41pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy  Spring!!

Note: 2nd Veggie Pickup of the 2018 season will be this coming Saturday, April 14th...9 am to noon!!!! That's less than 2 short days away..if you haven't signed up yet and want some amazing veggies this week, please call me tonight to get on my list!!

If you don't get on my list for this week, please go to the website and sign up, you will be on my list for next week!! www.circleagarden.com

Our first veggie pickup of the season went well. It was so good to see all of you again!! The weather even cooperated with us. It rained a bit early in the morning before we started setting up, but had quit by eight..was cloudy and coolish most of the morning with bits of sun peeking through. Tomorrow we harvest again..looks like we will have even more of a bounteous harvest.

The weather this week has been pretty good until today. We finally got our nice overnight rain Saturday..it sort of drizzled off and on Friday and Friday night, but got down to business by Saturday night. Was a bit cool early in the week, but had warmed up nicely by yesterday..we were in the 70's during the day and the 40's overnight. Today has been ok temperature wise, but the wind has been awful!! If it wasn't nailed down, it is somewhere down around Delta!! We have this brown haze from all the dirt blowing up. We seem to have a storm coming in..the forecast has been changing each time we look at it. Early in the week it was going to snow tonight..that changed to rain..now it seems to not going to precipitate at all. Still supposed to be cold tonight, cool tomorrow..mid 40's..and even colder tomorrow night. At least the wind is supposed to die down!! It is supposed to start warming up again by Sunday and be a beautiful week!!

This week we were able to spend more time doing stuff with plants!! Did more weeding in the tunnel..gave the pea patch a good weeding..worked on sifting more soil for the herb beds..got beds ready for cabbages, kohlrabi, and lettuces..pricked up lots of little plants in the prop house; broccoli, cauliflower italian parsley, celeriac, and tomatoes..and moving lots of flats of plants..kicked a bunch of stuff out to the hardening off bench early in the week..then moved it all back into the honey house today. Thank you Joe{Alex's dad} and Joyce for helping with plant adventures this week!!

We will still be taking sign ups for the CSA until we fill up. Please get signed up so you can enjoy a season of many different farm fresh veggies every week April-November. Please go to www.circleagarden.com   If you have any questions or concerns please call me of an evening{970-249-9725} or shoot me an e-mail,, circlea@skybeam.com

Fun happenings{and not so fun}here on the farm..daffodils are blooming their heads off, plums are blooming, lilac buds are growing bigger, weeds really appreciated the rain, radishes are coming up.

Food for thought.. Question of the month..sooo..what can each of you do to help conserve water?? Getting a few good comments on our facebook page..please add your thoughts. From my perspective as a farmer I know I cannot grow food without water..we all need food to survive.we also need clean water to drink..sooo....lets go a little deeper with our thinking..what is more important..food to eat and water to drink..or ?????

Work days .give me a call 970-249-9725 to set up a day and time!!

What is available for the CSA?

This is my best guess on Thursday what we will have at pick up,,sometimes the veggies just aren't quite ready when we go to harvest on Friday.

don't forget to check the website for recipes..also check our facebook page for fun things that our members have done with their goodies!!

Food safety.. we do not consider any of our produce to be ready to eat..we "chill" it in cool water to get the field heat out but recommend that you wash it before eating.

from the tunnel; swiss chard, kale, bok choi,  tokyo bekana, orach, mustards, red rain,gunsho, maybe a few little lettuces. radishes, salad turnips, salad greens,  baby bok choi, chives, pineapple sage, and marjoram.

From the great out of doors; spring onions, green garlic, horseradish, burdock root, and lovage

Note; we will have eggs again this season from Darcy abd Don Arnold, our friends over at Lower 48 Farm,

Hope you are all ready to enjoy spring!!

Looking forward to seeing all of you on Saturday!!!

Betsy, Terry, Alex, Jeanne, and all of us here at Circle A