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News and Views from Circle A Garden

Posted 3/25/2019 2:41pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy Springtime in the Rockies!! 

I think spring has finally sprung...at least here on the farm!!! A couple weeks ago we woke up to yet another 3 inches of snow .. and by the next day it and pretty much all the snow that was left from the winter was all gone!!! We still have mud though; it dries a bit then it rains a bit and we are slogging around in mud up to our ankles. Just had a few days that the weather couldn't make up it's mind what it wanted to do … it rained, then we had a bit of sleet, then we had a bit of hail, then the sun would come out for a bit, then it would start all over. Today, though, it is gloriously sunny ..temps almost 60 .. the birds are singing, little plants outdoors are starting to come up {including the weeds!!}… tree buds are swelling and all is well in our world!!

In the prop house, things are booming ….the first batch of transplants are all happy in their new home{the high tunnel}….we moved the second batch out to the honey house last week so I would have room to prick up more plants and start more seed. Today, Alex and Emily fertilized everyone and moved our first transplant for the field out to harden off so they could move a bunch more stuff out to the honey house. We will see how long that lasts!! I have 4 or 5 seedling flats ready to prick up this week and a couple more flats to seed. And next week I have more flats that will be ready to prick up and more seeds to start. And it will just keep going until early May!!! So far, we have started early greens and lettuces for the high tunnel, lettuces, early greens, alliums{those wonderful oniony things!!}, early cabbages, and early kohlrabi that should be going out to the field in the next couple weeks. We have broccoli, cauliflower, late cabbages and kohlrabi, brussel sprouts, celery, more lettuces, a wide selection of herbs, a few flowers, and more just waiting for me to get them pricked up!! We even have tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant up and going for the high tunnel!!! And we started our sweet potato slips!! Now that we have more sun, we are just as happy as we can be!! AND having the best of times watching everything grow!!

In the high tunnel, Alex, Terry Emily, and some of our workshare folks pretty much have it all full up....all sorts of greens and lettuces, radishes, turnips, beets, carrots, arugula, salad greens, peas, and more. They are starting to grow much more rapidly since we have had more sunshine!!

Outdoors... well, We're getting off to a slow start this season.... the snow has only been gone for about 2 weeks now. We are slowly getting shrubs and trees pruned...hopefully the rest will go fast before the trees start to flower!! Peas and favas are planted....beds are just about ready for beets carrots, radishes, turnips, and all those little oniony things{something like 5,000 of them!!}

Time to sign up for our CSA!! We will be starting veggie pickup Saturday, April 13 this year. Please get signed up so you can enjoy a season of many different farm fresh veggies every week April-November. Please go to www.circleagarden.com   If you have any questions or concerns please call me of an evening{970-249-9725} or shoot me an e-mail,, circlea@skybeam.com

Fun happenings  The snow is gone!! the maple is blooming, the garlic is just starting to come up, the rhubarb has it's little red noses poking up, I see all sorts of little perennials just barely starting up....lemon balm, catnip, chives, iris, jonquils and other spring bulbs, and LOTS of weeds!!                 AND we have an intern!! Her name is Emily and she hales  from Pennsylvania. She has been here about 2 weeks and is wonderful!!!


Work days ...our main pushes for March and April will be finishing the pruning and getting early season crops in the ground....Planting frenzy commences April 1!!!!!

give me a call 970-249-9725 to set up a day and time!!


Hope you are all ready to enjoy spring!!

Looking forward to seeing all of you in April!!!

Betsy, Terry, Alex, Emily, Jeanne, and all of us here at Circle A