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Posted 3/25/2020 2:38pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy Springtime in the Rockies!!

Note: First veggie pickup of the 2020 season will be Saturday. April 11 9:00am until noon. That's just 2 weeks away!!! Please sign up now for awesome fresh veggies!!

Note: We need a couple more workshare folks. Please give me a call {Betsy} 970-249-9725 if you would like more information.

Just a brief note....hope everyone is staying healthy and able to find peace and sanity during this trying time...

Well, It is officially spring now. And it looks like we may get a storm...I'm pretty sure the sun was supposed to shine today but it is very cloudy and there is this really quite frigid wind blowing. Isn't there a saying about March? If it comes in like a lamb it goes out like a lion? I seem to remember lots of nice warm sunny days the first couple of week of March, but the last week or so we have had more cloudy days, cooler temperatures, and wind than those nice mild sunny days. Well, maybe once again it will have a good chance of precipitating here on the farm....we sure need a bit....have had a little, but it sure is getting dry!!

In the prop house...well it was getting a bit full so last week we kicked a bunch of stuff out to the honey house...alliums, sages, artichokes, pansies, cabbages, kohlrabi, and more. For a few days I have had lots of room....not to mention lots of fun filling it all back up!!! Right now I have more lettuces and greens for the high tunnel, celery, parsley, lettuces, greens and various herbs to go to the honey house this next week. Then I have seed flats of celeriac, lettuce, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower that are almost ready to be pricked up... they just aren't quite big enough today. I'm thinking they will be ready all at once; all seven flats!!! I can turn those seven flats into somewhere between 20 and 30 flats without batting an eye...there goes all me space again!!!

In the high tunnel.., everything is looking yummy!!! We planted a few things....more greens and lettuces....this last week. Mom and I have been working on getting everything weeded, Mom has been working on the peas, favas, carrots, and beets....they sure are looking good...growing great and enjoying not having to share space with all those weeds!! I've been working on seeding a few more things and weeding all greens and baby lettuces and baby greens. I think we are just about done...I have one more bed of greens to work on and it may be time to do the peas again. We'll check it out in the morning...today Terry is watering everything with the sprinkler, so it's just a bit wet!! At least it is raining someplace on the farm!!!

Outdoors...well, we are starting to get more done outdoors...working on pruning....slowly but surely we are progressing. Yesterday we started on getting beds ready for favs, peas, beets, carrots, radishes, turnips...and I think there was something else on my little list.

Time to sign up for our CSA!! We will be starting veggie pickup Saturday, April 11th this year. Please get signed up so you can enjoy a season of many different farm fresh veggies every week April-November. Please go to www.circleagarden.com   If you have any questions or concerns please call me of an evening{970-249-9725} 

Note: Terry and I have been discussing how to work veggie pickup with this virus thing going on. We have decided that for at least April and May,  Terry and I will bag all the shares of a Saturday morning....members will still come out to pick them up between 9 and noon. We are hoping this will make pickup a bit safer for all of us. As we get closer to that first pickup we will be getting all our members more detail. 

Fun happenings  The birds are doing that spring thing, some of them are very entertaining!!! More things are waking up after their winter nap...more weeds are sprouting...                


Work days ...our main pushes for March and April will be finishing the pruning and getting early season crops in the ground....Planting frenzy commences April 1!!!!! Please think about coming out and giving us a hand...we still need to practice social distancing, handwashing. etc. but it is easier in the fresh air and sunshine.

give me a call 970-249-9725 to set up a day and time!!


Hope you are all ready to enjoy spring!! Please stay healthy!!

Looking forward to seeing all of you in April!!!

Betsy, Terry, Jeanne, and all of us here at Circle A