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Posted 5/19/2020 5:10pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy Springtime in the Rockies!!

Note: We need a couple more workshare folks. Please give me a call {Betsy} 970-249-9725 if you would like more information.

The weather this past month has been pretty good.....lots of sunshine...clouds here and there, but not very much precipitation. We had one pretty good rain and a few odd sprinkles off and on the last few weeks, but not enough to keep ahead of the wind. Temperatures most of the time have been in the 70's until last week.. getting a few days up into the 80's now.  It's been breezy to   downright windy most afternoons just lately.  We have red flag warnings out for our area this week....humidity forecasted to be 7 to 12 percent....higher temperatures into the 80's....and winds....everything is so dry and getting drier so it won't take much to start wildfires....please be careful when you are out.  The forecast looks like we are going to be cooler for a few days starting tomorrow...60's during the day and a couple nights that look like we might get a frost here.

In the prop house...almost done starting transplants until fall greens...just have melons and winter squash to go. Just waiting for summer squash and cucumbers to finish germinating so I have space for more trays. Just one more seed flat to prick up...started just a few more tomatoes and am just waiting for them to get a bit bigger.

In the high tunnel....We are starting to transition from green leafies to warm season goodies. Got the tomatoes in last week and part of the cucumbers....tomorrow we are finishing up the cucumber row and planting the eggplant....next week we start on peppers. This week we will harvest the last of the mustards, asian greens, radishes and lettuces. Then we will just have beets, carrots, chard, kale, peas, and favas that we will be harvesting until the warm season stuff starts producing.

Outdoors...well, it is starting to look like a garden in places!!! peas look like they will start blooming soon...favas are growing well...beets and carrots are looking good....turnips and radishes are struggling with the flea beetles, but I think the radishes will be ready to start harvesting next week. Asian greens are also struggling with the flea beetles, but the lettuces and onions are doing well. The rhubarb is going nuts!!! we've been able to harvest it for almost a month now.  The garlic is looking oh so happy...won't be long until scapes!!! Tomorrow we are going into planting mode and hopefully can get a bunch more stuff in the ground!!

 Fun happenings.....favas in th high tunnel have a few pods that are almost 3 inches long....the yellow rose in front is starting to bloom....the irises and the oriental poppies are budding...               


Work days ...our main pushes during May and June will be getting beds ready and finishing planting....Planting frenzy continues!!!! Please think about coming out and giving us a hand...we still need to practice social distancing, handwashing. etc. but it is easier in the fresh air and sunshine.

give me a call 970-249-9725 to set up a day and time!!


Hope you are all able to get out some and enjoy spring!!

Please stay healthy!!


Betsy, Terry, Jeanne, and all of us here at Circle A