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Posted 6/16/2020 5:58pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy Almost Summer Solstice!!

Note: We are in need of a couple more workshare folks. Really need 2-3 more folks ASAP, Please give me a call {Betsy} 970-249-9725 of an evening  if you would like more information.

The weather has been mostly dry, dry, dry....hot in between a couple of cooler days. We did get one more last almost frost around June 6th....got down to about 33....not quite freezing. Compared to the week before it was very cold!!! We had been up into the 90's with 60 degree nights!! I had to figure out where I had left my warmer fleece!! This week it has Just been hot, dry, and very windy....we need more rain so badly....we've had a couple of nice showers the last few weeks, but not nearly enough....with the wind it just dries out again in a couple of hours. Time for some serious rain dances!!!!

In the prop house...well it is empty now....moved everything out after the cold spell last week....honey house and hardening off bench are starting get empty. 

In the high tunnel....have all of the warm season goodies in....cucumbers are getting little girl blossoms...Suzanne, Sonia, Mom and I ate the first couple cucs...boy were they good!!!! Won't be long before we have enough to share!!! Eggplant is starting to bloom...peppers are growing well....a couple of them have blooms. Tomatoes are just about ready to head up their trellises....the cherries are all blooming and some of the slicers. We pulled out the last of the peas last week....we could just hear the tomats heave a big sigh over the extra room!!! The tomats behind the fava wall are going...so where's our extra room??! In a couple weeks guys....we started harvesting favas last week and will probably get two more harvests.


Outdoors...well, planting frenzy continues….we are frantically trying to get the rest of our crops in by July1....had been hoping for June 15, but just wasn't in the cards. I think the main things we have left are squashes, melons and nightshades...oh and a few more cucs, and some herbs. We are having a hard time getting everything done....getting beds ready, planting, weeding, and harvesting.  So far everything we have gotten in is looking good....some of it we are already harvesting!!!! Now if we could just get this blasted wind to die back to a nice cooling breeze....and a few happy little clouds to drop a bit of rain on us!!!!              


Work days ...workdays through June are Monday ,Tuesday, Wednesday early mornings....we are starting at 6 am to beat the heat.  We are also doing a couple of Sunday workdays to get everything planted....9 am to noon.  our main push through June will be getting beds ready and finishing planting....Planting frenzy continues!!!! Please think about coming out and giving us a hand...We really need you help!!! 0we still need to practice social distancing, handwashing. etc. but it is easier in the fresh air and sunshine. Our thanks to everyone who has come out to help....Bettye, Gus, Zac and Taylor, The Larson clan, the Spears, Eli and Wren, Pat, Sharon, Lindzey and her son.  Our thanks to our workshare folks who have been helping out every week since January!!! Tammy, Joey, Suzanne, Sonia, Chris,....Logan....00000000000000000000000 if you see them around give them a big thank you!!!

give me a call 970-249-9725 to set up a day and time!!


Hope you are all enjoying almost summer!!

Please stay healthy!!


Betsy, Terry, Jeanne, and all of us here at Circle A