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News and Views from Circle A Garden

Posted 5/16/2008 9:16pm by Betsy Austin.

Hello everyone,


Can you believe it is the middle of May already? The season is starting to speed up!! Now if the weather would be a little more consistent.  This week so far it was very windy on Monday, snow and rain on Tues, gloriously sunny and warm {but not too warm!!} on Wednesday, rain and more rain on Thursday, cloudy and cool early then sunny and warm on Friday. The weekend though is supposed to be sunny and almost hot.  Can’t complain too much about the moisture though; here in Colorado it is a blessing!! {and I didn’t have to go out and water all those new seedlings just coming up!!} 


We didn’t get as much done outside as we were planning this week. We did get the root parsley in before the wind picked up on Monday.  Tuesday we just vegged out and watched the snow. Wednesday we got a good start on planting potatoes {about 1/3 of the area planted and mulched}. Thursday we worked in the high tunnel taking the walls of water off the melons and replanting the ones we lost during the cold; did a bit of weeding and transplanted a few odds and ends. And today was picking day once again!! 

This weekend we will be working on getting the rest of the potatoes in. This coming week we hope to get the artichokes and broccoli in; also the cauliflower. { and if we are brave enough the first planting of cucumbers!!!} Early mornings we want to get some of the okra and peppers planted into the high tunnel before it gets too hot as well. Anyone wanting to get his or her hours in; the help will be greatly appreciated!! 


This week is the last week for the green garlic. We should have garlic scapes in June and should be able start harvesting garlic in July sometime. {it may be a bit later this year}.  Next week we will harvest the last of the green onions; there will be a bit of a gap until the scallions get bigger. {they are up and growing well but won’t be ready as quickly as we planned}. The spinach is dwindling down, we are going to try to keep it going another week or so. {it will be back in the fall}. We are getting to last few weeks of cool season veggies in the high tunnel {except for beets they are just starting!!}


We may have a few weeks where we don’t have as much to offer for the csa.  The cool weather we have been having has slowed down many of the crops we were planning on from outdoors. Please bear with us as we transition from the high tunnel {where most of your veggies have been grown} to the great outdoors {where Mother Nature has ruled supreme!!}. We will still have chard, kale, salad greens, beets, a few radishes, carrots and turnips, a few sugar snap peas, some lettuce and chinese cabbage, odds and ends of various greens, rhubarb, and many of the herbs. Our outdoor crops are about 2-3 weeks behind what they should be for this time of year. As soon as they are ready for harvest you all will be the first to get them!! 


I posted some new pictures on the website {www.circleagarden.com}. If any of you have recipes you would like to share, please send them to me as a word document {then I can just upload them onto the website}.  Please make sure to add the source of any recipes. {Any recipes you send will be shared with all the farms in the Small Farm Central network} 


If anyone is looking for farm fresh eggs please let me know. The folks over at Buckhorn Gardens have extras that need a good home!! 


 Hope you all have a great week!!  Thank you all for your support of small, local, sustainable family farms!! 


All of us at Circle A Garden,

Betsy, Della, Jeanne, Robyn,