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News and Views from Circle A Garden

Posted 5/30/2008 11:38pm by Betsy Austin.

Hello everyone!!

It has been a busy two weeks!! We have been in planting mode, getting more goodies into the ground!! The potatoes are all in {and starting to come up}. Thanks Bettye and Sarah for all your hard work!! Artichokes are in. {thanks Leslie}. The last planting of lettuce is in {thanks again, Sarah}. The first of the outside broccoli is in.{thanks Kathy and Sheelagh}. The second planting of summer squash and the first outdoor planting of slicing cucs are in {thanks Gail}. We planted chickpeas, edamame, more carrots, scallion, and kolrabi, and I'm working on more beets, turnips, salad greens; fennel, daikon,podding radish, and more goodies.


Mom has been working on getting some of our earlier plantings weeded. So far she has worked here way through the onions {with Leslie's help}, beets, and carrots. Robyn and I have gotten through the parsnips, scorenza, salsify,root parsley, and part of the lettuce. {In between planting!!}. Della and Linda have been working on getting the blackberries pruned and trellised, and getting the area for tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, tomatillo, and other assorted nightshades ready to plant.


On our walks through the garden this week, we have notice many fun things begining to happen; the potatoes are coming up, one of the tomatoes in the high tunnel has little tomatoes, the first planting of summer squash is starting to bloom, the quince is blooming, as well as the grapes, the peas outdoors are blooming {we may have a few english peas ready to harvest next week!!}, the fava beans are blooming. Also getting into the blooming act are the columbine, mountain bluet, and crmson clover. But the best thing so far {and I'm knocking on wood as I say this}; it hasn't snowed for two weeks!!!


This weeks CSA is going to be a bit leaner than the past 8 weeks. We have harvested most of our early season veggies from the high tunnel and many of our plantings we were counting on just aren't quite ready yet. The spinach is done until the fall, green onions and green garlic are all gone. We harvested the last of the turnips and radishes from the high tunnel today. Garlic scapes should be coming on soon though and scallions are growing {but still very small}. The Walla Walla onions may be ready to harvest by the end of June. We harvested the last of the lettuce and chinese cabbage from the high tunnel today, but the next planting outdoors needs another week. {the cold slowed it way down, we planted it with the idea of starting to harvest it last week. Carrots are doing well {we have two more weeks worth left in the high tunnel and the ones outside should be ready by then. The beets are just starting to come on; they are a bit slow but we are getting a few more each week. The peas in the high tunnel are doing well and it looks like we may have more from outside next week.


This week each share will get peas and carrots, the greens and the herbs will be the same. There are fewer choices per share this week. They are lettuce, chinese cabbage, beets, turnips, radishes, the last of the rhubarb, more greens, horseradish,edible flowers, mint, lovage. Please bear with us a couple of weeks, more great veggies are on the way!!

I have added two recipes to the website. One is for chive blossom vinegar {it can also be used with other edible flowers and herbs} and the other is for a chines cabbage salad. On my walk through the garden this evening I took some new pictures. i will try to get them added to the website this weekend.


This coming week we have on the agenda; getting the pickling cucs, trellis tomatoes, the rest of the cauliflower and broccoli in,peas weeded again, and the first half of the beans planted. {we may still have one more frost so we are hedging our bets a bit}. This is an exciting time of year here on the farm; the weather has warmed up, seeds are sprouting and plants are growing rapidly; it seems like things are changing daily. Please consider coming out to the farm and helping us out!!! Those of you who have already come out:THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Your help has been greatly appreciated!! We have enjoyed working with you and getting to know you better. You are all awesome!!


I would also like to thank all of you who have spread the word!!! Our best advertizing is word of mouth. I can tell folks about the farm, the CSA, and what we do here and why, but your enthusiasm is what gets them hooked!!


On another note we do have a couple of issues to address. One is folks not picking up their veggies on Saturday morning. We know that life happens!! But we need to know before noon on Sat if you are running late. We will be happy to pack up your vegies and store them in the cooler if we know you can't make it. {please pick them up before Monday though so we can clean out the cooler unless you have made prior arrangement.} If you don't pick up your veggies or let us know by noon on Sat, they will be eaten by our interns or donated to Christ's Kitchen!!

The other issue is with our dog. We love having folks come out to visit the farm. But with the exception of Sat morning, PLEASE call before you come out!! {and if you are referring a new member please have them call as well}. We adopted Oreo {the dog} from the humane society several years ago. We are pretty sure she was badly abused before she came to us. Although she is doing much better, she still is not very trusting of strangers. Once she gets to know you {and teaches you how to play ball her way}, she is fine. This time of year she spends most of her time outdoors with us. For her comfort and your safety, PLEASE call ahead.


Once again thank you all for supporting local family farms!!

See you all soon,

All of us at Circle A,

Betsy, Della, Jeanne, Robyn,Linda {and Oreo}