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Posted 3/25/2011 4:37pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy spring everyone!!

It has been springtime in the rockies this week!! We have a day of glorious warm sunny weather..then a day or two of wind..with a little snow..and maybe a bit of rain..and some days we have a bit of everything!!

It has been a busy week..our trip down to Austin was great..it is always fun to see what is happening in the "banana belt"!! When we left here it was cold and snowy..at Rivendell Farm the sun was shining and it was getting warm. We all had a great time looking at all of John's many projects..everything from little transplants in his dining room, woodworking projects in his shop, many cool tools, to his vintage car..something for everyone!!
In the high tunnel we planted more lettuces and greens..just have a bit more spinach, another little section of radishes, and some more lettuce and bok choi to go in this week..it is a good thing we will start harvesting for the CSA this week..I have the next round of veggies just about ready to be transplanted!!
Outdoors we have gotten the fava beans planted and have started on the onions and leeks..{thanks Mike and Joanna, Jon, Patrick, and Evan for all your help!!}

Note; last year we had to replant most of the tomatoes in the low tunnel..this year I want to have a gallon jug of water for each plant to help keep them a bit warmer..Please save us your gallon milk/water/etc jugs for this purpose. I will need about 50 jugs. Thanks!!

Things in the high tunnel are doing well..a bit behind schedule but growing rapidly..Our first veggie pickup will be April 2. While there are a few things that just will not be ready then, we will have quite a bit that just won't hold another week. We should have spinach, salad greens, radishes, swiss chard, kale, bok choi, mustard, green onions and chives for sure. We may have turnips, pea greens, mizuna, orach, green garlic and other herbs by then..they are growing well but may not be quite big enough to harvest by the April 1. beets, carrots, and peas are all up and growing but will take a bit longer before they are ready. We will have a few things from storage..a few onions and garlic and maybe a few parsnips. From the great out of doors we should have sunchokes and possibly carrots..we did a late fall planting of carrots to winter over as an experiment..we checked them and they are tasting great so far!! Della has also been starting quite a few herb plants that should be ready by the 1st..they won't be ready for the great out of doors for many of you, but should do well as house plants untill it is time to plant them out {you should be able to snip them here and there for use in the mean time} I will keep you posted on how things are growing as we get closer to April 1st.

We are one week out from our 1st veggie pickup!!  While many of you have signed up already; there are a few of you who haven't yet..please, please take a few minutes now to sign up!!!
I will need to know by Wednesday if you plan to pick up veggies on Saturday{for those of you who haven't gotten around to signing back up!!}

Note;those of you who are making four payments, this year we are going to need those first 2 payments before the end of April..{this is why we start sign up in January to spread them out!!}. If you are having difficulties, please let me know, we can work something out!!

So....if you have already signed up and made a payment..THANK YOU!!

If not..and you are going to return for another season of great vegies or would like to become a new member..Please sign up now!!

Please let me know if you need someone to share with or are wanting to join one of our pickup groups.
We have a member in Montrose who is looking for someone to share a Mini. Let me know if you are interested and I can hook you up with her contact info.

If you would like a tour of the farm, please let me know..I will be tenatively setting up a tour on the 2nd..if the weather looks iffy I will wait a week..will keep you posted.

Returning members will need to use this link;
circleagarden.com/members/returning   It should give you a place to type in your e-mail address {the one you used this season} It will send you an e-mail with a secure link that you can use to complete the signup process..{this verifies that you own the e-mail address}.. for those of you who are sharing..use the e-mail address of the primary user{should be whoever did the signup for this season}..If you have any problems please let me know..I did a test run and it looks like it all works, but..I am very new to all this and ....who knows when my little netherspere gremlin will pop up!!

New members will need to go to the website { www.circleagarden.com } and use the member signup.

Last workdays for March is the 26..project will be getting beds ready onions and getting them planted!! this is the last Saturday workday until December..In April we will switch to Sundays until June. Please make a bit of time to come join us and see just how your food is growing!!

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!!

All of us at Circle A Garden