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Posted 12/4/2014 4:25pm by Betsy Austin.

Happy Fall?/winter?!!

NOTE: Last CSA veggie pickup of the 2014 season is December 13!!!

Note:  It is now December and need last payment from a few of you!! Thanks!!

Wanted!! More fall leaves!!

Our Thanksgiving feast was amazing..way too much food!! Much of it from here on the farm. It was nice to sit down, relax, and catch up with what the family is doing..I can't believe that our great nieces and nephews are getting SO old!! If we could just package all their energy!!         Setting up the veggie pickup Saturday morning was hard..we were all still so full!! The weather over the weekend was amazing..Sunny, warm..almost like spring{especially Saturday with the warm gusty wind!!} It has been scary warm and dry for this time of year..we are not totally complaining..it has been nice for harvesting the rest of our fall goodies..not to mention having nice weather for veggie pickup on Saturdays!!

 In the tunnels..greens in the high tunnel are just about all harvested..this may be the last week for greens..we'll have a better idea of whats left when we harvest tomorrow.


Outdoors..Got the last of the parsnips harvested and more leaves on the garlic patch.

I spent a good bit of time this week adding up numbers of just what we harvested this season, getting the signup for 2015 set up, and working on a 2014 end of season survey. My goal was to get those all done before I started looking at the new seed catalogs. I made it through most of it, but could't resist!!

If my numbers are correct, we harvested over 12,000 pounds of produce this year!! Full shares received about 600 pounds over our 37 week season.   Our top producers that over and above what we expected were tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and basil. Tomatoes and basil were late starting to come on but made up for it!! We harvested over 1600 pounds of tomatoes and 85 pounds of basil. Sweet potatoes in the low tunnel were very happy with a harvest of about 250 pounds. Onions,eggplant, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, green beans, and rhubarb produced a bit less than we anticipated. We had crops failures with potatoes, okra, and ginger..we were able to harvest a very tiny bit of these crops but not much. Much of the fruit from the farm was unavailable this season due to frosts in the early spring..the exceptions were currants, yellow delicious and winesap apples, and blackberries. Most everything else had average yields. A few surprises when I added up the numbers..had the best fennel we have ever had{thank you Zino for your magic!!}..even after 2 of our varieties of cucumbers failed to produce we still were able to harvest 800 pounds, pretty amazing since I had cut back on the number of plants I started. Melons did pretty well considering that our early ones were late in ripening and our late ones didn't get a change to before it got too cool for them{think my favorite!!} Blackberries did amazing things!! They had gotten pretty badly frozen back early in the spring so we didn't think they were going to produce this year..we pruned them way back to let them work on canes for next season..they decided to bear fruit anyway!! Yeild on the Chinese cabbage was very happy..more intern magic?? {thanks Alex!!}..we have harvested almost 300 pounds from our fall planting in the high tunnel!! I will have the whole list of everything we harvested this season at veggie pickup if anyone would like to look at it..just let me know. 



note: we do have chicken and duck eggs for sale here at the farm..chicken eggs are $4.00 and Duck eggs are $6.00. Just give us a call..249-9725..to pick some


What is available for the CSA?

Fall harvest is just about done and the CSA is coming to an end for the season..What do we have in abundance? well..Kohlrabi, rutabaga, winter radish, carrots, sweet potatoes, horseradish and chinese cabbage..what are we getting short on?..beets, turnip, celeriac. Not sure what to do with your bounty?? Our website has a recipe section that I add to just about every week!!

NOTE:For food safety..our veggies are not ready to eat..we "chill" or hydro-cool them to get the field heat out but they are not washed!! Please wash them before you eat them!!

From the tunnel

bok choi


yakina savoy



chinese cabbage..lots of chinese cabbage!!


From outdoors


From storage

winter squash and sweet potatoes



winter radish


beets..running short

turnips..running short

celeriac..running short





Fun happening.. Jen McGruther..one of your fellow CSA members has written a cookbook..Nourished Kitchen..it is awesome..great pictures..tasty recipes..I will try to remember to bring our copy out for you all to look at it!!

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!!

All of us at Circle A Garden