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Fennel Salad

Bulb of Fennel
Bunch of Radishes
Celery (about equal amount as fennel)
1/4c olive oil
2T lemon juice
4 cloves garlic (I think these were actually from you guys too!)
salt & pepper
1. Slice the fennel, radishes, and celery as thin as you can possibly slice them.  Toss them all together in a bowl.
2. In a little bowl press the four gloves of garlic.  Add the olive oil and lemon juice and probably 1/4t each of salt & pepper  and wisk it all together with a fork until it's combined.
3.  Mix the dressing with the chopped up veggies and let it sit for a bit while you put the rest of dinner on the table.  Then make sure to give yourself extra initially so that you can pretend to be generous and share the leftovers once everybody else discovers how delicious it is.