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Meet the Family

Meet your farmers
Jeanne Austin

The matriarch of the family, Jeanne Austin, has been farming in the Montrose area for 40 years. She spends her days helping keep the weeds at bay, chilling the produce for Saturday CSA, and starting seeds in her greenhouse. When not farming, she enjoys knitting and putting together complex jigsaw puzzles. 

Betsy Austin

As the linchpin of Circle A Garden, Betsy does all of the coordination, organization, ordering, and management of the farm. She is well known presence within the local farming community. She is always willing to offer advice and expertise with your own gardening endeavors or how best to use your share. 

Terry Orr

Terry is the newest full time member of the team. As Jeanne's eldest daughter, she spent her fair share of time tending the fields. She moved nearer to the farm about a decade ago in an effort to be closer to her family and her farm. Since then, she has only delved deeper and deeper back into the world of full time farming. 

Mykal McCure

Mykal is Terry's grandson and a large presence at Circle A Garden in the summers. He is attending the local high school currently, but puts in as much sweat equity as he can. Strong backed and strong minded, he is a huge help during peak season

Cerra McClure

Terry's granddaughter Cerra tries her hardest. She often works days on the farm in the summer. However, she spends much of that time chasing butterflies, talking Jeanne's ear off, and wandering the expansive farm. 

Rylan Dunn

Terry's youngest grandchild, Rylan, is certain to be a force to be reckoned with. Surely, his time at the farm will be more limited once he starts kindergarten in the fall, but for now, he is a burgeoning gardener.